Ep. 509 Democrats Against Journalism, COVID Truth Revealed, with Stu Burguiere, Dave Marcus, and More

Megyn is joined by Stu Burguiere, host of Stu Does America, and Dave Marcus, columnist for the Daily Mail and Fox News, to talk about the ridiculous Congressional hearing about the Twitter Files and how Democrats in Congress are against free speech, annoying Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, suppressing “malinformation” and true facts, the cost of censorship, manipulation of the algorithms, the coming DeSantis vs. Trump war ahead, how members of Congress are no longer revered by the public, and more. Then, David Zweig joins to talk about his new investigation on the insane spying of churchgoers one California county did to enforce COVID guidelines, the hypocrisy in COVID regulations, the coming lawsuits, and more. Finally, Isabel Oakeshott, the journalist who broke the “Lockdown Files” story, joins to talk about what we learned from her leaking the WhatsApp messages of U.K.’s former Health Secretary, the casualness and cruelty of their exchanges, and more.