Megyn Breaks Down the ‘Massive Scandal’ Behind a Parkinson’s Specialist Regularly Visiting the Biden White House

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

Over the weekend, there was bombshell reporting on the subject of President Joe Biden’s health, reporting that could prove to be a key piece of the puzzle in determining what is wrong with the 81 year old.

First, The New York Post’s Jon Levine reported that President Biden’s personal doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, met with a Parkinson’s disease specialist at the White House back in January. That specialist’s name is Dr. Kevin Cannard, and he is a top neurologist at Walter Reed Medical Center.

On the heels of the Post reporting this news, Alex Berenson followed up that this very same Parkinson’s doctor had actually visited the White House’s residence clinic nine times over the past year. Most of the appointments were set up by the Navy nurse who runs care for President Biden. 

Summer and Fall 2023

We have now taken our own look at the White House logs and have gleaned that it has been on a near monthly basis that Dr. Cannard has been visiting the White House and the team that takes care of President Biden. The visits actually started not this past January but a year ago in July 2023. 

That appointment was made on July 11, which coincides with when Biden had been in the U.K. and appeared confused while meeting with King Charles. That may or may not have been what set things off, but Dr. Cannard’s actual visit occurred on July 28.

Earlier that day, the president traveled to Maine. In a video from the time, you can see Biden come down to the stairs of Air Force One and fail to salute service members waiting at the bottom of the steps as is standard protocol. Instead, he just blows past them and starts looking around like he is lost. He then walks off to the side and stops again. At one point, you see him then walk back toward a Secret Service member standing in the back of him. He appears lost.

Approximately one month later, the doctor visited the White House again. Days before he showed up, President Biden had been in Hawaii to survey the devastation from wildfires. While there, he struggled to say the names of various Hawaiian officials, including both of Hawaii’s Democratic senators. This made headlines at the time and we covered it on The Megyn Kelly Show. The president also appeared to be very pale during that trip and some suggested he appeared to fall asleep at an event. 

A week later, Dr. Cannard was back at the White HouseShop. This visit came days after Biden made an incoherent and rambling comment about shootings that had happened in Florida. He slurred his words and struggled to complete his thoughts while apparently trying to reference a different shooting that happened exactly five years earlier in Jacksonville. 

Moving on, the doctor visited on October 13, 2023, which was, understandably, a significant time of stress as the Hamas terror attack on Israel had just taken place. He again visited on November 17, a day before President Biden had referred to China’s President Xi as a dictator, causing Secretary of State Antony Blinken to visibly wince and shake his head.

There was no White House visit listed in December 2023, but the president was out of town for a large portion of that month.

January 2024

On January 17, 2024, the Dr. Cannard returned. This was the visit that prompted the Post report over the weekend. It happened to come just days after the president mistakenly suggested that he was still in the Senate during an event in Pennsylvania. Of course, he has not been a U.S. senator since 2009. Biden also appeared to get lost while being introduced to people that day. 

As The New York Post reported, the meeting involved four people – the Parkinson’s expert, Biden’s personal doctor, a cardiologist, and an unidentified fourth person. We do know that President Biden was at the White House that day. In fact, he had held meetings with congressional leaders. We also know that the president’s official schedule was clear at the time of the doctor meeting. 

When questioned by the Post, a White House spokesman said “a wide variety of specialists from the Walter Reed system visit the White House complex to treat thousands of military personnel who work on the grounds.” However, the spokesperson refused to answer questions about who the doctors were meeting with that day and did not say that it wasn’t President Biden. 

A few days later, during a rally in Virginia, President Biden mumbled a bizarre slurring message about women and former President Donald Trump. Just after that, on January 26, Dr. Cannard was back at the White House.

February 2024

About a month later, Biden’s personal doctor issued his own summary about the president’s health after conducting his annual physical. He noted that he had specialty consultations with various people from Walter Reed. He did not name the doctors, but he said the specialties included neurology and cardiology. 

Dr. Kevin O’Connor said that the other doctors concurred with his findings and that President Biden “continues to be fit for duty and fully executes all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations.” 

That report was promptly panned by people such as Dr. Ronny Jackson, who served as the White House physician for former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama before being elected to the House of Representatives. 

“The fact that they didn’t do a cognitive test as part of this physical exam… was a complete joke by Dr. O’Connor,” he told Fox News at the time. “If he was serious about this, he would have done a thorough, comprehensive, objective exam… and he would have stood up before the press in the press briefing room and defended it and he would have answered questions.”

‘It’s a Massive Scandal’

There would be another visit by the Parkinson’s expert on March 28 and possibly more, but the White House visitor logs don’t go beyond March 31. Therefore, we have no way of verifying what happened in April, May, June, or July so far. 

We have no independent confirmation that all of those visits were for President Biden or to examine him, but we know a Parkinson’s doctor has been at the White House almost every month for the past year. And if he was meeting with President Biden – the man who refuses to take a cognitive test – it is a massive scandal.  

The White House has some explaining to do, and the American people deserve answers.

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