‘We Are Nearing the End’: Megyn Reacts to News that Joe Biden Is Now Weighing Whether to Step Aside

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We are nearing, I believe, the end for President Joe Biden. 

It is one day before our nation celebrates our independence, and, in our 248 years, we’ve never experienced anything quite like what we are witnessing right now. The dam is starting to break against President Biden, as more Democrats and the media raise questions about his ability to continue to lead.

To Stay or To Go

For the first time, we are seeing indications – at least in the media – that President Biden himself is seriously considering whether he can recover from that devastating debate performance. Moments ago, The New York Times was out with this headline: “Biden Told Ally That He Is Weighing Whether to Continue in the Race

After the article was published, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates posted on X that it was absolutely false, adding that if The New York Times had provided us with more than seven minutes to comment we would have told them. A denial does not make it false. The Biden White House is saying it is false, but The New York Times is claiming to have a source they describe as a “Biden ally” saying it is so. 

This is just the latest of the drip, drip, drip coming from publications like the Times, and The Washington Post, and I could go on. 

In a significant development late last night, The Washington Post reported that former President Barack Obama has privately told allies that Mr. Biden’s “already tough path to reelection grew more challenging after his shaky debate performance” and that he’s spoken directly to Mr. Biden to “offer his support.” Remember what we discussed yesterday about James Carville saying Obama and Bill Clinton’s role is more ceremonial here. They will not lead this effort, at least now, publicly.

Damning Polling

So, this may be the most important thing you hear today: Puck News is reporting on leaked internal polling from Democrats that confirms some of their worst fears that Joe Biden is hemorrhaging support, especially in the battleground states in the wake of this debate. And what’s more? Previously non-competitive states are now in play like New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Virginia, which could hand the White House back to former President Donald Trump in a landslide victory.

Media Flip Flop

There has been a special kind of betrayal of President Biden. That is certainly how he would see it from The New York Times, which has, in the past, been among the worst offenders in falsely propping up Biden in response to any attack on his age or apparent infirmity. 

Less than two weeks ago, the Times published a piece on all the “misleading videos” from conservatives that “twisted mundane moments to paint him in an unflattering light when it comes to his age issues.” Get ready for some political whiplash because the Gray Lady is now bashing the elderly president and using those very same videos to do it. 

Apparently they see them differently now, reporting that he is increasingly confused or listless, forgetting names, mixing up facts, freezing; that he has shown a sharp decline just within the past few months; that he was given and required nap time during his debate prep, which only began each day at Camp David at 11am. The White House says, ‘Well, he worked out and did other work prior to showing up at a special afternoon nap time for the leader of the free world.’ 

And then there is this frightening assessment from a former U.S. official who helped prepare the president ahead of his recent G7 trip. This official was asked by The New York Times if one could imagine putting Mr. Biden in the same room with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. The official responded, “I just don’t know.” The paper also pointed out that a European official involved in all of this responded more clearly and flatly, “No.”

The Role of President

We would be remiss if we did not mention this: Just two days ago, the Supreme Court issued its opinion on presidential immunity, noting that, “unlike anyone else, the president is a branch of government and the Constitution vests in him sweeping powers and duties.” 

Apparently, Barack Obama’s homeland security secretary – who was also a lawyer – may need a refresher of this. Listen to what Jeh Johnson said on MSNBC about President Biden and the presidency:

JOHNSON: A presidency is more than just one man, one woman. It’s an administration. I would take Joe Biden’s worst day at age 86 – so long as he has people around him like Avril Haines, Samantha Power, Gina Raimondo supporting him – over Donald Trump any day.

No, sir, the presidency is not more than one man. Most Americans do not even know the names of the people you just mentioned. They did not vote for them and they would not be voting for them this November. The presidency is just one person, and the current person holding the office is in serious political trouble. 

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