New Report Suggests World Leaders Have Been Covering for Joe Biden’s Infirmity for Some Time

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

While Joe Biden’s vacant stares, slack jaw, mental freezes, and rambling answers were alarming to everyone who tuned into last week’s debate, the behavior wasn’t shocking to anyone who has been watching the president.

Even so, the White House and a friendly press corp have been trying to tell the public that videos showing Biden struggling at home and abroad are “cheap fakes” – until now. The New York Times is now reporting that world leaders were on high alert as the president struggled at the G7 Summit in Italy last month.

On Wednesday’s show, Megyn discussed the new reporting and why it is humiliating for Biden and the United States at large.

Foreign Fragility

In an article published late Tuesday titled “Biden’s Lapses Are Said to Be Increasingly Common and Worrisome,” the Times now acknowledges that clips of Biden looking confused at a D-Day ceremony and wandering off from the group at a G7 event were very real and very common.

The piece references the now viral moment when a dazed Biden walked away from his fellow foreign leaders during a paratrooper demonstration until Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni gently coaxed him back to the group. The Gray Lady had previously dismissed videos of the incident as deceptive editing. “Now that [Biden] is twisting… they’re getting deeper into it,” Megyn noted.

The Times also reported that Meloni and the other leaders were “acutely sensitive to Mr. Biden’s physical condition, discussing it privately amongst themselves,” and “they tried to avoid embarrassing him by slowing their own pace while walking.” Additionally, the officials would apparently do their best to physically shield him at times he did not seem “poised” and there were cameras around.

‘This Is Embarrassing’

Megyn did not mince words when discussing the Times’ newfound interest in journalism. “It is just galling because they defended him at the G7 meeting in an earlier piece trying to defend these so-called ‘cheap fakes,’” she said.

And then there is the sad reality of what we are now learning about the extent of Biden’s infirmity. “So, it is already being noticed by international officials who have felt the need to cover up for our president,” Megyn lamented. “This is embarrassing. It is humiliating to him and to our country.”

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