‘This Is Deeply Alarming’: Megyn Reacts to New Reporting About ‘Rigor Mortis’ Biden at Democrat Fundraiser

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

It may not be Watergate, but one of the reporters who took down Richard Nixon now appears to have his sights set on Joe Biden.

Carl Bernstein revealed that sources close to the president have told him that Biden’s debate performance was nothing new and he has been exhibiting “rigor mortis”-like symptoms for months now.

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn was joined by Andrew Klavan, editor of The New Jerusalem on Substack, to discuss Bernstein’s reporting and whether or not Democrats now realize they’ve been lied to.

Bernstein’s Reporting

In Megyn’s view, the notion that we can dismiss what happened at the debate last Thursday is “absurd” at this point. “I actually thought what we saw on stage was shocking – and I cover Joe Biden’s gaffes all the time,” she said. “And now you’ve got Carl Bernstein on CNN last night.”

Bernstein was on CNN with Anderson Cooper on Monday to discuss Biden’s debate performance and his political future when he reported what he has been hearing from people “very close to President Biden.”

“These are people, several of them, who were very close to President Biden, who loved him, have supported him… Among them are some people who have raised a lot of money for him, and they are adamant that what we saw the other night – the Joe Biden we saw – is not a one off,” Bernstein told Cooper.

Instead, he said there have been “15 to 20 occasions in the last year and a half” when Biden “has appeared somewhat as he did in that horror show [debate] that we witnessed.” What makes this reporting “significant,” Bernstein explained, is “the people that this is coming from” and “how many people around the president are aware of such incidents.” He went on to say “some reporters” have witnessed the episodes.

“In the last six months, particularly, there has been a marked incidence of cognitive decline,” Bernstein continued. “And people I’ve talked to have all been to Ron Klain in the last year to say, ‘We have a problem.'” 

As Bernstein described, Biden’s diminished appearance and faculties at a Democratic fundraiser left supporters particularly rattled. “There was a fundraiser at which he started at the podium and then he became very stiff, according to the people there, as if it were almost a kind of rigor mortis set it… He became very stiff and a chair had to be brought for him to do the latter part of the event.”

Given all the reporting that has been spoon fed to the public about Biden’s rigor throughout his first term, Bernstein concluded that something isn’t right. “I have heard for two years how sharp Joe Biden is in his national security meetings. He has special briefing books,” he noted. “So, we’re clearly dealing with two sets of one person.”

The ‘Information Crisis’

The bombshell revelations come on the heels of major editorial boards and Democrat pundits now calling on Biden to step aside despite previously presenting the ‘sharp as a tack’ narrative Bernstein referenced. 

Megyn called Bernstein’s report “deeply alarming,” but Klavan said it speaks to a larger transformation happening in America. “This is a watershed moment and the main thing this country is going through is an information revolution… that is really on the verge of an information crisis,” he explained. “What we saw at the debate was the collapse of this fake planet that the Democrats have created by their incredible domination of the flow of information up until this point.”

While he doesn’t expect to ever hear the words “conservatives were right” when the postmortem finally comes on how the Biden administration was covered by the media, he does believe a reckoning is underway.

“The debate was kind of exactly what I was expecting, but it was what no one else was expecting because of this dome of misinformation that the media is able to create and that dome collapsed,” he shared. “What I am asking myself is: How much are people learning to adjust to the new information age, and how much are they able to now parse information themselves without the gatekeepers who have been washed away?”

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