Trump vs. Biden Debate Recap: Political Analysis, Media Reaction, and More

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Thursday’s CNN debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was already historic for its timing (no presidential debate had ever occurred so early in a general election cycle), but it is now also being deemed historic for what happened on the stage.

Hosted by Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, topics included the economy, abortion, foreign policy, immigration, and democracy. But it was Biden’s performance – which included garbled, halting speech, mental freezes, confused stares, and slack jaw – rather than the substance of the debate that has dominated the headlines.

The president’s showing was deemed “disastrous” by the usually friendly corporate media, and reports almost immediately began to roll in that Democrats are “panicked” over Biden’s behavior and serious conversations need to be had about the 2024 ticket. The Biden campaign has tried to claim a cold was to blame for the slow start and maintain that he will not step aside.

While Biden has dominated the post-debate news cycle, Trump has received some praise for how he handled the event. He was largely seen as measured and comfortable behind the podium – a stark contrast from how he was criticized for handling the 2020 debates.

For a complete recap of what happened and where things stand, we’ve rounded up the best commentary from Megyn and her guests on Biden’s performance, media reaction, the state of the 2024 election, and more.

Debate Recap

Biden’s Most Alarming Debate Moments 

Megyn, Emily Jashinsky, and Rich Lowry react to the most alarming debate moments for Biden, how they could officially be the end of his candidacy, and more.

Political Analysis

Megyn Declares the Biden Campaign ‘Over’ After Disastrous Debate 

Moments after the conclusion of the debate, Megyn offered her candid assessment of the event, the candidates’ performances, and why she believes the election “is over” for Biden.

Who Could Realistically Replace Joe Biden on the 2024 Ticket

Megyn and Eric Bolling consider who could realistically replace Biden on the 2024 ticket at this point in the election cycle, Trump’s excellent debate performance, and more.

Biden’s Mental Fitness Is Now a National Security Concern After Disaster Debate

Megyn and Steve Bannon discuss the national security threat of having Biden in charge after the debate, the potential constitutional crisis, who really knew about the state of Biden’s cognitive decline, the potential political fallout that could hurt Democrats in the House and Senate, and more.

Media Reaction

Democrats and the Media Are Panicking and Could Replace Biden as Nominee

Megyn and Dave Rubin discuss Democrats and the media panicking after Biden’s showing at the debate, how Biden could be replaced as the nominee or even as president, and more.

New York Times and Dems Go Public in Calling for Biden to Step Down

Megyn and Bannon discuss the significance of The New York Times and prominent Democrats going public with their Biden criticism, the donors who are dropping from Biden now, and more.

Sycophant Joe Scarborough Sees the Light and Now Says Biden Should Step Aside

Megyn highlights the way Joe Scarborough – one of the biggest Biden sycophants in the media – has gone from telling critics to ‘f-off’ if they say Biden isn’t mentally sharp to saying the president should step aside as the nominee after the disastrous presidential debate.

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