Stunning New Details About Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe, Carolyn Bessette, and the Women the Kennedy Family ‘Destroyed’

AP Photo/Mitch Jacobson

The Kennedy family is largely considered the closest thing to American royalty. And while the public may have been sold the idea of ‘Camelot,’ what went on behind closed doors was anything but idyllic – especially for the women sucked into the Kennedy orbit.

Daily Mail columnist and Megyn Kelly Show regular Maureen Callahan is out with a new book, Ask Not: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed, that takes a closer look at the dark underbelly of the wealth, power, and glamor portrayed by the clan.

In it, she reveals stunning new details about the exploitation, violence, and sexism women associated with the Kennedys – including Jackie Onassis, Marilyn Monroe, Carolyn Bessette, Martha Moxley, Mary Jo Kopechne, Rosemary Kennedy, and many others – were subjected to. On Thursday’s show, Callahan joined Megyn for an exclusive sneak peek at the exposé and to dive into some of the most incendiary revelations.

JFK’s Predatory Behavior at White House

Megyn and Callahan discuss President John F. Kennedy’s inappropriate behavior at the White House, how he preyed on innocent young women, how the Kennedys have learned to kill bad press, the ways they continue to do so to this day, and more.

The Troubling Reality of JFK’s Marriage to Jackie Kennedy

Callahan shared the story of how Kennedy callously reacted to the news of his wife giving birth to a stillborn daughter after several miscarriages, the truth about JFK and Jackie’s marriage, the little-known detail about Jackie’s final moment with her husband’s dead body, and more.

The Awful Way Both JFK and RFK Treated Marilyn Monroe

The author offers an in-depth look at JFK and his brother Rober F. Kennedy’s relationship with Marilyn Monroe, the terrible way they treated her, whether RFK could have had something to do with her untimely death, and more. 

The Sad Truth About JFK Jr.’s ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ Status

Megyn and Callahan break down the obsession with John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his status as the most eligible bachelor in America, his rocky relationship with Carolyn Bessette, his history of dangerous behavior, and more. 

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