What Lunden Roberts Says Happened to Her Phones After She Found Out She Was Pregnant with Hunter Biden’s Baby

It took Hunter Biden four years and a paternity test to finally admit her fathered a child with ex Lunden Roberts. Their daughter Navy was born in August 2018 after about a year of having what Roberts describes as an on again, off again romance with the now-first son.

Roberts and Biden’s relationship soured after she found out she was expecting, and she also experienced some bizarre occurrences – the strangest of which involved her cell phones. On Friday’s show, Megyn was joined by Roberts to discuss her forthcoming book, Out of the Shadows, and what happened to her after she got pregnant.

Mobile Mystery

Megyn noted there are “a fair amount” of “whacky stories” in Roberts’ book, but one of the weirdest has to do with what happened to her cell phones after she learned she was pregnant. 

As Roberts explained, she was living in Washington, DC, at the time and had two mobile devices because of issues with her coverage. The Arkansas native said one phone was serviced by AT&T, the other by Sprint, and both mysteriously stopped working at the same time.

Roberts said that on the night she found out she was pregnant both phones “crashed” in front of her and her friends. She recalled that the screens went black and had static-like green and purple lines running through them.

But the story didn’t end there. Roberts went to purchase new phones the next day. When she signed into her Apple iCloud account on them, she discovered large portions of her history were missing. “Just about everything with Hunter was gone,” Roberts said.

To this day, she doesn’t know what happened. “So, what do you think happened there,” Megyn asked. “Do you think given that he was, at that point, the son of the former vice president, there were government forces trying to protect him potentially?”

Roberts didn’t rule it out. “I don’t know exactly what happened,” she said. “You always wonder… that has always been in the back of my mind. Was, you know, somebody trying to protect him and how far would they go to do that?”

The Betrayal

As Roberts writes in the book, Biden was stunned to learn she was pregnant. While he was initially supportive, his attitude changed over time. “He started to just ghost it and avoid it, so I knew the right thing to do was to come home [to Arkansas] and be surrounded by my family and get through that time,” she told Megyn. “I felt like he thought that I was after his money or after him, like I did this on purpose… and that upset me.” 

In her view, he was “looking for a way out” of the responsibility. Biden spent years besmirching Roberts’ character and accusing her of lying about their relationship until a paternity test finally confirmed her claims. Biden even dismissed Roberts in his 2021 memoir as “hardly the dating type,” a claim that still hurts her.

“I guess I always thought that he would step up and do the right thing because I… always saw the good in Hunter, so I was kind of blindsided,” she concluded. “But at the same time, I know my story, and I know I know my truth, and I know what I went through. That is something that I can speak on.”

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