Move Over ‘Convicted Felon’, Kamala Harris Has a New Nickname for Donald Trump: ‘Cheater’

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Despite the insistence that they have no desire to politicize the criminal trials of Donald Trump, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have sure had a lot to say about the guilty verdict in his New York business records trial.

Harris sat down with late night host Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week to rehash her reaction to the conviction, and she used it as an opportunity to try out a new nickname for the 2024 GOP hopeful: cheater.

On Wednesday’s show, Megyn was joined by attorneys Viva Frei and Phil Holloway to discuss Harris’ remark and what it says about the ‘lawfare’ against Trump.

‘Cheaters Don’t Like Getting Caught’

While Democrats have made it clear that the ‘convicted felon’ moniker will be the centerpiece of the 2024 election cycle, Harris may have tipped her hand at another potential angle during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday.

Kimmel tried to joke with the vice president about the mood in the room when she learned of Trump’s conviction last Thursday, and she used the opportunity to level a new accusation against the former president.

KIMMEL When the verdict was announced, how do you get that information?

HARRIS: Rapidly. [audience laughs]

KIMMEL: Are you watching TV or are you– is somebody, somebody relaying this to you?

HARRIS: Well, that kind of news, usually it’s a combination. You know, there are TVs everywhere I am, if I’m in the office, and then folks come in.

KIMMEL: And are the people in the room pretending to not be happy? Or how does that go? [audience and Kimmel laugh]

HARRIS: I mean in all seriousness… a jury of 12 people, peers, over the course of six weeks, deliberated on the evidence and facts, and unanimously determined guilt. 34 felony counts… The reality is, cheaters don’t like getting caught– [audience cheers] and, and being held accountable. But you know, the reality is let’s just fast forward to, again, November. I think the American people want to know that there is a president who believes they are accountable to the people.

Megyn said Harris finally said the left’s quiet part out loud. “That is the reality of the Trump trial, according to our sitting vice president: ‘He’s a cheater, he cheated to win the 2016 election, and the reason he is upset now is because he got caught,'” she explained. 

Harris’ comments came on the heels of her boss, President Biden, reportedly going after Trump during a private fundraiser in Greenwich, Connecticut, on Monday. “It’s reckless and dangerous and downright irresponsible for anyone to say that it’s rigged just because you don’t like the verdict,” he told donors.

‘Pick and Choose Politics’

Harris casting Trump as a “cheater” is, as Megyn explained, hypocrisy at its finest. “For this woman – who came to office, in part, thanks to this BS denial of what was on the Hunter Biden laptop… costing President Trump real and actual votes [based on what] we know from the polls that were done after the fact – to get up there and lament how people who cheat to win get upset when they get caught is rich,” she said.

The exchange, in Frei’s view, is “insidious propaganda” given the events of the last several weeks. “They said it wasn’t a political persecution, and then they hold a press conference and bring Robert De Niro to endorse Joe Biden outside the courthouse… and now they are doing the rounds on Jimmy Kimmel,” he said. “[Kimmel] is now hosting Kamala Harris, who is politicizing this political persecution and they’ve got their talking points.”

Holloway wondered if Harris’ recycled talking points about the jury and justice system will still apply in the event Hunter Biden is found guilty in Delaware. “If Hunter Biden is convicted are they going to stand by their, ‘Well, he got convicted by a jury of his peers’? No, they’re not,” he concluded. “It’s pick and choose politics, and they are talking to the low information voter.”

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