Fani Willis Easily Defeats Primary Challenger in Georgia After Softball Interview on MSNBC


The people of Georgia headed to the polls on Tuesday to cast their votes in state and local elections that had national implications and attention. 

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (i.e. the prosecutor behind Donald Trump’s election interference case in the Peach State) easily fended off her primary challenger and will now run for re-election in November. Meanwhile, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, who is overseeing said trial, will stay on the bench following his win in the nonpartisan election on Tuesday. 

Willis celebrated her victory with a party attended by her ex-lover and former Trump special prosecutor Nathan Wade but not before she sat down with Rachel Maddow for a softball interview. On Wednesday’s show, Megyn was joined by National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke and Rich Lowry to discuss the sorry excuse for journalism and how the left views the cases against Trump.

The Interview

Maddow opened Monday’s show with a monologue that chastised Republicans for their suspicions about the motives of Willis, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Special Counsel Jack Smith in bringing charges against Trump, while showering Willis with praise.

Here’s a flavor:

“They opened the floodgates on her in a way that is under-appreciated in this country… They have created a maelstrom of political harassment and pressure, bringing it down to bear on this one prosecutor like a laser… She is out there defending herself… This story for all of us. This is not a profile incCourage. This is a profile in cowardice. She’s standing alone against all this…

These are human beings. They are not magic. They’re not bulletproof. They’re not superhuman. And right now they have no one defending them as they are being asked to bear superhuman pressure and threats… And it is working. And there has been no significant countervailing pressure defending them… And the history that we are making is that there is no one defending Fani Willis but herself.”

She then welcomed the embattled prosecutor to the program. “[Willis] decides to give her first interview post-her ethics scandal to Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, who, night after night, lectures us on the importance of ‘journalism,'” Megyn said. “And she asked zero difficult questions of Fani Willis.”

A few of the ‘highlights’:

“Let me start by asking you about what your life has been like and how things have changed over the course of this past year.

“I wondered what effect a sort of constant threat of violence that you’ve been living with has had on you and on your ability to do your work?”

“Do you feel like you’ve changed over the course of this term in office in terms of having to develop new skills, new resources, develop a thicker skin than you might not have expected when you took this?”

In between accusing the Georgia state legislature of racism and calling House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) “illegitimate,” Willis channeled Meghan Markle and thanked Maddow for asking her if she is okay.

Valor and Victimhood

While Megyn noted there was not a single mention of the “odor of mendacity” Judge McAfee said lingered in the courtroom after Willis’ testimony and that of those supporting her in the hearings on the motion to disqualify, there was plenty of victimizing to go around.

In Lowry’s view, that is par for the course. “The progressives always go to this; they always go to race and victimhood,” he said. “Here they are taking this woman who lied and was unethical and making her into a heroine and a victim solely because… she is pursuing the right target in Donald Trump.”

All that matters, he said, is the common enemy. “That’s the gateway,” he concluded. “Once you are through that and you are anti-Trump, it doesn’t matter what your ethics are, it doesn’t matter what your motives are, it doesn’t matter what the procedures are… because they consider Trump to be, basically, Hitler.”

You can check out Megyn’s full interview with Cooke and Lowry  by tuning in to episode 798 on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you like to listen. And don’t forget that you can catch The Megyn Kelly Show live on SiriusXM’s Triumph (channel 111) weekdays from 12pm to 2pm ET.