Kamala Harris Just Dropped a ‘Phony and Cringe’ F-Bomb in Failed Attempt to Seem Relatable

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Kamala Harris has traded attempted profundities for actual profanities.

The vice president dropped an F-bomb earlier this week while addressing a crowd of young people. And while the audience applauded the salty language, others weren’t buying the sincerity of it.

On Friday’s show, Megyn was joined by Dan Bongino, host of The Dan Bongino Show, to discuss Harris’ latest verbal miscue and why it is not landing the way she probably wanted it to.

Harris’ F-Bomb

Harris, who is the first vice president of Black and South Asian descent, attended the annual Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Legislative Leadership summit on Monday. Actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang was moderating a discussion with Harris and asked her how her heritage has informed her career and leadership. Her response included the expletive.

“We have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open,” Harris said, in part. “Sometimes they won’t, and then you need to kick that f‑cking door down.”

After an awkward pause, she acknowledged the profanity. “Excuse my language,” she added as the audience cheered.

Yang, meanwhile, joked that someone has “gotta make T-shirts with that saying.”

‘Phony and Cringe’

Given that Harris is generally not known for being particularly relatable, the swear probably should have humanized her. But, in Bongino’s view, nothing about that moment was real. “It is so scripted, and so silly, and so ridiculous,” he said. “She is totally not genuine, and it’s just artificial. Like, ‘I’ve got a curse to be relatable.'”

The crowd was made up of young adults, and Bongino believes Harris’ team was trying to capitalize on that. “You can tell someone told her, ‘Hey, you’re so not relatable to people that matter for our constituency – young voters, Black voters, minority voters – so come out and drop an F-bomb and everybody is gonna love you,'” he surmised. “And then what is weird about it is she does it and she acts like the very same people she is trying to court don’t know she is full of shit… It’s so phony and cringe.”

Megyn agreed that the profanity was “obviously inserted for effect,” but she said even the larger message was forced too. “It’s just absurd to me,” she explained. “The country did recognize her – she became attorney general [of California], she became a U.S. senator, she became vice president.” 

Even so, that doesn’t fit the narrative the Democrats have created. “She’s got to talk about how it’s impossible to break through these ‘f-cking doors,’” Megyn concluded. “Look how much you’ve achieved in this wonderful country of ours, and yet you are still bitter whenever you get the opportunity.”

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