‘It’s Incredible’: Megyn Reacts to Trump’s Massive Rally as New Poll Shows Him Leading in Five Key States

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

You have heard me say that Donald Trump is pulling the inside straight. That is what he needed to get out of all this lawfare against him, and he is doing it. 

We just got a brand new New York Times/Siena poll that is truly remarkable. Trump is leading President Joe Biden in five battleground states, and the Times reported the numbers reveal “an erosion of support” for the incumbent among young and non-white voters who are upset about the economy and the war in Gaza. 

Trump won the state of Wisconsin in 2016 and lost it in 2020. This new poll shows him down by two. But it is all wins from there. Trump is up by three in Pennsylvania and seven in Arizona and Michigan. Let me repeat: He is leading Biden by seven points in Michigan. Wow. In Georgia, Trump is up by 10. He is up 12 points in Nevada, 50 to 38. My God.

I have got news for you Alvin Bragg et al., your strategy is not working. This is why you did not see coverage of the New York criminal trial on any of the Sunday shows this weekend. They realized this was a suicide mission. They thought it would be a kamikaze where they would take Trump out and maybe hurt themselves a little. As it turns out, it was a suicide mission for them. 

What they are doing with this lawfare is a disaster of epic proportions, and the American people – love Trump or hate him – know it. This has motivated people in a way nothing Trump or Biden could have done would have. This is absolute folly, and it is great to see the voters holding them accountable. 

You know I spend my summers on the Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore is definitely pro-Trump. I mean, you go to Atlantic City where he used to have a casino and practically every boat has a Trump flag. But New Jersey as a whole typically votes blue.

Even so, you saw Trump in Wildwood, NJ, on Saturday. He gets the weekends off from his trial, and he uses them to campaign. Did you see the crowds? They estimated 100,000 people were there. I don’t know whether it was 100,000 or not. It was, for sure, tens of thousands. The actual number is irrelevant. 

Look at this shot from one of Trump’s advisers:

It is incredible. It looks like a stadium of people. They are dying to hear from Trump. They miss him because he has been kept off the campaign trail, and they are angry for themselves and for him. 

I hope you like this image, Alvin Bragg, Jack Smith, and Fani Willis, because you are going to see a lot more just like it in the weeks and months to come. 

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