‘Our Plane Almost Went Down’: Megyn Details a Terrifying Situation That Unfolded on Her Flight Home

John McArthur/Unsplash

OMG. It has been a very eventful day. 

As you know, I’ve been traveling this week. I was in Los Angeles for the Mr. Birchum premiere, and then I had some additional business that took me elsewhere. Abby joined me for part of it, and we just flew back. We landed about 90 minutes ago, but I do not think it is too much of a stretch to say our plane almost went down. My adrenaline is still flowing, and Abby’s is too.  

We were flying on a small six-seater that was booked for us by a third party. Abby and I were the only passengers, and it was kind of a rough flight from the beginning. There was no weather per se, but it was very herky jerky, start and stop. It almost felt like the pilot was pressing the brake and then firing it back up. I am not a great flier to begin with, so it didn’t feel great. But that was not the worst part. 

Out of nowhere, our small plane did a hard bank onto its side like a Top Gun maneuver. Abby and I were looking at each other like what is happening? The plane was also beeping and beeping and beeping like an emergency situation. It started accelerating and turning.

It was clear something bad was happening. We just didn’t know exactly how bad. Abby and I were holding onto each other like old ladies. We were saying Hail Marys and thinking about our kids. 

Things eventually started to calm down, and we started to reclaim our natural breathing. The pilot turned around and started explaining what happened, but we couldn’t really understand him with the headphones and such. Once it was safe, he came back to talk to us. 

There was a bit of language barrier, so I wouldn’t testify to these exact words in a court of law. But he said there was a commercial airliner above us that we were on path to either hit or come very, very close to, so the autopilot on our plane took over. That is what made us go on our side. It was an attempt to avoid the larger plane’s turbulence. He then made a spiraling motion with his finger to imply what would have happened if we got stuck in the turbulence. I think that meant we would have crashed down.

The pilot took out a big three-ring binder that he seemed to be referencing. It got to the point where we were like, should we tell him to just land the plane? We’ll get a car back the rest of the way. It’s fine.

Needless to say, we landed where we were supposed to land. I thought about kissing the ground, but I thought it might be too aggressive. I didn’t want to offend the pilot. He did his best. It just was not a great flight. 

I didn’t feel like I could start taping tonight’s Trump trial special without telling you this. To say it was a near death experience might be too strong, but we felt near death. Abby does not usually drop the F-bomb. She did today.

Anyway, I am back safe and sound on this Friday and I hope you are too.

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