Megyn Slams the ‘Degrading’ Nudity and ‘Kardashian Effect’ on the Met Gala Red Carpet

Last night was the big Met Gala in New York. 

Not for nothing, but I have gone to this thing a couple of times and back then there were A-listers everywhere. It was all of Hollywood’s most favorite darlings. Now, it’s like a bunch of social media influencers and the Kardashians. I recognized some of the singers, but the Hollywood A-lister game is pretty much over at the Met Gala. And frankly, so are you Anna Wintour because you are a bitch and no one likes you. 

Inside the Met Gala

Anyway, Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art host this thing, which costs $75,000 a person to attend. The celebs get invited as guests. They are the lure to get the nerds to pay $75,000 to go sit next to them. And it is the most out of touch event you could ask for. 

Honestly, it is absolutely painful. We sat with Harvey Weinstein one year. It seemed like every time Doug and I went to one of these things, we wound up talking to, like, the accountant who financed the party and could talk to us about New York City Water Works. Trying to talk to the celebrities was just too painful. There’s just nothing to connect to. I’ve shared before that there were models smoking in the women’s room, and guys doing cocaine in the men’s room. Very classy.

Naked Truth

It has apparently gotten no classier because last night what we had was a parade of nudity. They are nudists. It was like they forgot their clothes. The theme was “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” and the dress code was “The Garden of Time” by J.G. Ballard.

I guess they went all the way back to the Garden of Eden with their clothing choices because attendees like Rita Ora (below), Doja Cat, Emily Ratajkowski, and Jennifer Lopez were practically naked.

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

My feeling on the nudity is: If I wanted extra attention and I wanted to just come out on this show one day naked, I could get a bunch of clicks. I am still capable of getting some clicks. But I don’t do that because I have some dignity. And while my looks are important to me, I would really prefer that people know me, first and foremost, for my mind. 

There is a whole section of America now that does not seem to have that balance. These women are all successful in their own right, so what has happened? It seems to me that they have seen Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori and instead of saying, ‘Where are her clothes? Why is she wearing a sofa cushion?’, they decided to follow suit.

It is one thing to go out and do a saucy picture. But this is putting your a– on display in public at an event where you are supposed to be making a legitimate fashion statement. Their statement is, ‘look at my naked a–, look at the naked boobs.’ It’s degrading.

Kardashian Kulture

And then leave it to the Kardashians to always take it next level. I cannot stand their influence on American culture. Kim Kardashian denies that she has had any work done. It’s a lie. And her waist here is so small your hands could fit around it. 

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

She must have like three corsets on. She had a famous corset on a couple of years ago where she admitted she took breathing classes on how to wear it. And once again she goes out and creates this image like, ‘Oh, it’s just me. I just dieted.’ 

I don’t believe it. She looks like she has had a rib removed. Something has gone wrong, and she is always looking for the next level of attention. That is not a healthy image to be projecting to American girls. She doesn’t give a sh-t. She is riding these pictures and ‘image’ all the way to the bank. 

So, she was there. Her sister Kylie Jenner was there with the Madonna-like pointy bra. The mom was there, and that is perfect for what this event has become.

What Happened to the Men?

And then there were the guys. I really prefer my men to be men. I don’t want my man to be the pretty one getting as many procedures as I’m getting, and I really don’t want him to be in a dress. 

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

And yet, we saw a host of men – from Gustav Magnar Witzøe and Cole Escola (above) to Jordan Roth and Eddie Redmayne – on the red carpet last night wearing very feminine ensembles. What happened to the men? Where are they? No woman wants to be taken to bed by any of these guys.

All in all, the Met Gala was a disaster. It was a fail. And the big headline out of most of the publications was it was a bore, which is the worst thing it could be.

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