Megyn Joins Her Husband Doug Brunt for a Special Mother’s Day Edition of His Podcast

I want to tell you about something special that I filmed last week. I sat down with my husband Doug for a special Mother’s Day edition of his podcast, Dedicated with Doug Brunt. What makes this episode so special is that he has now launched his YouTube channel, so we were able to film it here in the studio.

I think you will enjoy the conversation. Doug is always entertaining and does a great interview, and I offered some book recommendations. You will also hear the answer to the tease I gave you a couple weeks ago about which celebrity Doug mistook for a homeless person at one of the fancy galas we went to.

Once you watch it, I would love if you could go to the @DedicatedWithDoug YouTube channel and subscribe. When he is not talking to yours truly, he is interviewing famous authors about their books and writing process. He also serves as a mixologist, whipping up their favorite drinks. It is a fun, quick show that I think you will find really interesting, so subscribe now!