‘Get Out’: Megyn Slams Anti-Israel Protesters Who Blocked Traffic and Shouted ‘Death to America’ in NYC and More

AP Photo/Andres Kudacki

Anti-Israel protestors blocked roads, bridges, and highways in big cities across the United States on Monday in the wake of Iran attacking Israel. Demonstrations were part of a global “economic blockade to free Palestine.” 

San Francisco

Protestors on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco chained themselves to 55-gallon drums filled with cement. 

The local ABC affiliate caught on camera one driver near the front of the backup getting out of his car and demanding that the protestors get the hell out of the road. Yes, sir. He speaks for us all. They are so annoying.

Police arrested 38 people, but it took about four hours to clear them out and get the traffic moving again. Ugh. Can you imagine how infuriating this is if you are stuck in the middle of it?


Protesters also blocked the entrance to Seattle’s International Airport for three hours. Travelers were forced to get out of their cars and walk to the terminals with their luggage. Not everybody has the roll-y luggage. Some people actually have to carry it. 

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that police could be seen standing near the protesters. It’s Seattle. They weren’t doing much of anything to get them out of the street. In the end, however, 46 people were arrested there.


Further south in Miami, about 150 protesters attempted to block traffic to Port Miami. The keyword here is ‘attempted’ because we are now talking about Florida. 

Police officers in riot gear on horseback and on motorcycles quickly moved in to break apart the protest. And after repeatedly trying to block traffic, several were arrested by the cops. The group behind the protests later accused police of “aggressively arresting” them. Too bad.

Ann Arbor

Protesters also taunted coffee drinkers at a Starbucks in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Democratic Pennsylvania senator and ardent Israel supporter John Fetterman tweeted about the protesters saying, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but blocking a bridge or berating folks in Starbucks isn’t righteous, it just makes you an a–hole.”

Hear, hear, Sen. Fetterman.

New York City

But some of the most disturbing images came out of downtown Manhattan. Outside of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street, one protester was seen waving the yellow and green banner of the terror group Hezbollah. Great.

This is video from friend of the show Julio Rosas, who is always on the scene of these protests to document them for his Substack called Mostly Peaceful. You get the reference, right? He’s doing the work that The New York Times and other publications like it won’t do by showing you that it has now come to Hezbollah flags right here in America, right in New York, steps away from where the Twin Towers were brought down. 

Other protesters proclaimed “Death to America” and praised the man behind those September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden. 

Okay, tough guy with your face all covered so we can’t see who you are and get you fired. Move along. If you don’t want to be here, get out. We don’t want you either. 

This is so infuriating. It’s amazing that this didn’t result in violence. 

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