Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Says He Regrets Endorsing Joe Biden in the 2020 Election

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

One celebrity you won’t see stumping for President Joe Biden this election cycle? Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The popular actor and wrestler told Fox News that he regrets endorsing the Biden-Harris ticket in 2020 and will not be backing any candidates this time around.

On Friday’s show, Megyn was joined by Mary Katharine Ham, host of Getting Hammered, and Bridget Phetasy, host of Walk-Ins Welcome and Dumpster Fire, to discuss Johnson’s admission and whether or not it marks a red pill moment for the star.

The Rock’s Regret

In an interview with Fox & Friends host Will Cain released on Friday, Johnson said he would be staying out of politics this election cycle after supporting Biden in 2020. It was his first political endorsement, and he called the pair the “best choice to lead our country.”

Cain asked The Rock how he now feels about the fact that he dipped his toe into the political waters. “The endorsement that I made years ago with Biden was what I thought was the best decision for me at that time,” he said. 

But it was clear he no longer feels that way. “Am I going to do that again this year? That answer is no. I’m not going to do that,” he told Cain. “Because what I realized that what that caused back then was something that tears me up in my guts back then and now, which is division. And that got me.”

Johnson explained that his “goal is to bring our country together” and, for that reason, “there’s going to be no endorsement.” Instead, he said he will “100 percent” support whomever wins the election and “keep my politics to myself.”

He did, however, have some thoughts about the current state of affairs in the U.S.  “Am I happy with the state of America right now? Well, that answer is no,” he said. “Do I believe we’re going to get better? I believe in that. I’m an optimistic guy, and I believe we can get better.”

Red Pill Moment?

Johnson has flirted with running for office in the past, though he told Cain that he is “not a politician” and perfectly content being a dad to his three daughters at the moment. 

Even so, Phetasy believes The Rock may have had an epiphany of sorts. “It sounds a little bit like he’s been red pilled,” she explained. “He’s not saying the quiet part, which is that he’s okay with Trump and okay with people who vote for Trump.”

Megyn said it’s a surprising admission given Johnson’s prominence. “He is an elite given the huge amount of money he’s earned, and what a huge star he is, and the circles of power that he likely travels in,” she said. “It’s so rare that you have one of these so-called elites… come out and say something like this because, make no mistake about it, there will be blowback to The Rock in those circles for even going this far.”

Perhaps Johnson is simply responding to his fan base in a way many celebrities do not. “I think his audience is more ‘normie,'” Phetasy concluded. “So, he’s also responding to the fact that they’re a common sense coalition of people who really don’t feel represented by almost anyone.”

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