Why Do Megyn and Her Husband Doug Have an Ongoing Debate About Grocery Stores?

If you consider going to the grocery store more of a chore than a treat, we’re right there with you. And as it turns out, Megyn is in the same boat. 

She revealed on Monday’s show that she and her husband Doug have an “ongoing debate about grocery stores” – specifically, which chain offers the best shopping experience – and she offered their thoughts on a few.

ACME Markets

Doug grew up in the Philadelphia-area and is a big fan of ACME Markets. Like, a really big fan. “He’s in love with the ACME,” Megyn said. “Doug has a love affair with the ACME.”

Whole Foods

Since moving to Connecticut, Megyn admitted that she hasn’t really found a grocery store that she absolutely loves. “Whole Foods is okay for some things, but I know why Doug doesn’t like it and why a lot of people don’t like it,” she noted. 

For starters, the closest location “has a bad parking lot,” she said. And things don’t necessarily get better once you are inside. “While I might want some of the organic fruit from Whole Foods, generally I don’t want to be surrounded by the people who shop there,” she explained. “So, it’s a real conundrum.”


As Megyn has shared, she was born and raised in upstate New York and the area also happens to be home to her favorite supermarket. “The best grocery store I’ve ever been in in my life is Wegmans in upstate New York,” she said. “It is absolutely beautiful.”

Wegmans, in Megyn’s view, is a win-win. “They have such a wide range,” she noted of the food offerings. “They’ve got the fancy stuff if you want to do the Whole Foods lane, and they have the more economical stuff if you’re on a tighter budget.”

Most importantly, “the aisles are wide,” she added. “That’s what I really care about. I don’t like playing games of chicken when walking down the aisle.”

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