Megyn Breaks Down the Hypocritical On-Air Meltdown at MSNBC Over the Hiring of Ronna McDaniel

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

NBC News has taken one of its new conservative hires and tried to ruin her with an internal pile-on from sanctimonious anchors trying to act like they are deeply offended by her – all while hoping no one digs too deeply into their own terrible pasts. Trigger!

Ronna McDaniel, the former head of the RNC and a newly-minted NBC News contributor, is probably going to get fired today, less than a week after she was hired by the network. Why? Because the children over at Dem-SNBC are mad.

‘Sacred Airwaves’

McDaniel has not done one thing in the past week to bring this on. No new information has been imparted to the NBC brass other than its anchors’ professed horror at the notion of working with… an election denier!

“Our sacred airwaves!” They must be protected from liars! After all, they are in the business of honesty.

As MSNBC talent spun it yesterday, they could work with a Republican, sure, but not with someone who challenged the results of an election thereby subverting our democracy. Hard no. Except…

Wait, what happened to our sacred airwaves? I thought we couldn’t couldn’t have the election deniers on MSNBC. Maybe it just depends on which election is denied.

Honestly… Honest?

MSNBC wants you to know that this has nothing to do with being on the left or the right. To those who are saying, ‘Hey, you had no problem hiring Jen Psaki who lied for a living for years as an Obama and then Biden spokesperson, so what gives?’ Well, Jen Psaki herself weighed in. That was totally different, you see, because… honesty.

Is it just me or does she remind you of Dora the Explorer? 

Jen Psaki didn’t lie, I guess, when she worked for Joe Biden, so she’s totally different from an RNC spokesperson or chairwoman. 

Well, except for that lie about how the vast majority of illegal immigrants do not intend to stay here. Or that one about how ‘no one anticipated that the Taliban would take over Afghanistan as quickly as they did’ (despite the fact that her boss was caught on tape admitting he knew). Or when she tried to dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation. Or when she blamed rising gas prices on the war in Ukraine, not her boss’s inflationary policies. 

Remember when she accused Ron DeSantis of not encouraging seniors to get vaccinated in Florida? Or that time she said only a tiny number of people who got the vaccine ever got COVID again? I could go on. 

Danger Zone

Look, none of that matters because what’s happening here is dangerous. According to MSNBC, Ronna McDaniel is a long con of a national party getting behind a Hitler-esque figure and his claims of a fraudulent election to lower your defenses against his inevitable claim that he, once returned to office, should be allowed to stay there indefinitely. 

I watched 27 minutes of Rachel Maddow last night. I’ve never done that before, but I did it for you. She laid it all out in explaining why McDaniel is just that dangerous.  

You know who she reminded me of? 

I can’t. I need smart women to remind us all we’re out there. We’re plentiful. We are not defined by the Nicolle Wallaces, or the Jen Psakis, or the Rachel Maddows, or, frankly, the Katie Britts with their overly dramatic presentations and their phony tears. Strong, smart women are everywhere, and we need to elevate them.

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