‘Where Are the Parents?’ Megyn Reacts to the Reports of a Trans High School Basketball Player Injuring Three Female Opponents

Earlier this month, the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell in Massachusetts was forced to forfeit a basketball game against KIPP Academy because not one, not two, but three of their female players got hurt thanks to a male player on the KIPP Academy team.

The injuries were at the hands of a ‘trans’ player – a man pretending to be a woman. Multiple Collegiate Charter athletes went down, which led to the coach deciding to end the game early. The players apparently expressed that they feared getting injured and not being able to complete the playoffs.

The Collegiate Charter School of Lowell has come out and said it supports the coach’s decision but reiterated its “values of both inclusivity and safety for all students.” The statement also noted that the school follows state laws “regarding equity and access for all student-athletes.”

Basically, they want this to keep happening. They want the girls to keep getting hurt and not know the feeling of victory. They will apparently only know the feeling of injury because equity and inclusivity is what’s important to the school. It’s chilling. 

Where Are the Parents?

I see these stories and all I can think is: Where are the parents? What parent would allow his or her daughter to play against a six-foot tall male like that, who is clearly post male puberty, who clearly is a danger to their daughters? Is your desire to be seen as ‘inclusive’ and ‘pro-equity’ greater than your desire to protect your child? You’re more worried about taking barbs from your community members for not being woke than you are about your own daughter’s well being? Something is wrong with your priorities. I don’t understand these parents. They need to be shamed and called out repeatedly because they are part of the problem.

Quietly, these trans activists have gotten the laws changed in state after state to require this kind of thing. They are working on changing Title IX right now and Joe Biden is going along with it. When people weren’t paying attention, they basically made this mandatory. 

We need parents to push back and say, ‘We don’t care what you did when we weren’t paying attention during COVID, we’re paying attention now. We don’t care that the law says you have to play, our daughter doesn’t have to play against you. The whole team will walk, and all that will be standing there is a man pretending to be a woman trying to exploit our daughter’s opportunities. Then you see who’s going to enforce the law against us.’

There has to be some pushback or we’re going to be stuck with the status quo and more and more women and young girls are going to get injured or miss out on opportunities.

Supporting ‘Swagger’

I wasn’t a huge athlete in school, but I did play on the basketball and field hockey teams. I also did cheerleading, which was competitive and fun.

There is a wonderful feeling of completion and accomplishment when you win. It’s second to none. You can’t achieve it by coming in second or third. You have to have the feeling of being number one in order to appreciate what it feels like and what it does for your self confidence. Building a little swagger into a young woman’s step from wins in competition is a good thing. 

To take that away from these young women just because we need to be ‘equitable’ or ‘inclusive’ of men – who have all the advantages over women physically – is just grossly unfair and, as we see here, unsafe.

If this happened at my school, I think I would have stormed the court. Even if it weren’t my child, I would just run out there like a streaker. I’ll give them something to see.

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