‘I Don’t Give a Sh-t’: Megyn on Why She Can’t Stand the Focus on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

So, did you watch the big game last night? As expected, the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce romance was on full display. 

I confess, I was disappointed Kansas City won. I wanted to see the 49ers beat the Chiefs because I am just over the drama, I’m not really a Travis Kelce fan, and I’m kind of mad at Taylor Swift still because she went to that Palestinian fundraiser without a word for the Israelis.

Kelce Controversy

It turned out to be an exciting game after the kind of snoozy beginning. But what happened on the sidelines with Kelce is also making big headlines. To me, it was the most controversial moment of the night.

Travis Kelce body slammed and yelled at Chiefs head coach Andy Reid on the sideline. Reid struggled to stay on his feet, and the lip readers say Kelce was mad because he wasn’t on the field for a pivotal play. 

I’m not a football person or even a sports person, but, as a human, I thought it was bad. And the fact that he didn’t apologize for body slamming his 65-year-old coach is wrong. Some version of ‘I’m sorry, I had a lot of testosterone raging through me.’ would have sufficed. 

Just because Reid had enough dignity and class to not make a big deal of it after the win, doesn’t mean the rest of us should be countenancing that kind of behavior. Travis Kelce is a huge guy. He had his pads on. Keep your hands to yourself. There is no excuse. 

But this is not the first time Kelce has come across kind of like an a–hole. My husband Doug roots for the Philadelphia Eagles, who lost to Kansas City in last year’s Super Bowl. I remember Kelce acting like a jerk after the Chiefs won that game. Watch:

He didn’t have a moment of grace. He just got on everybody for not predicting they would win.

Swift Overload

It’s not just Travis Kelce. As I’ve said, the media is obsessed with Taylor Swift and it’s not her fault. But why do we have to cut to a shot of Taylor Swift when Travis Kelce hasn’t done anything? It wasn’t even his play. I don’t remember seeing this much of Gisele Bündchen when Tom Brady was out there. 

People seem very excited that Taylor chose to chug a beer on the Jumbotron. Okay. She’s celebrating. That’s a normal thing for a 34-year-old woman to do. I’m just sick of the over-celebration of ‘Taylor being a normal person’ moments. 

I don’t give a sh-t what she’s doing in the box. I don’t want to see her after every single play. I don’t want to see her talking to Roger Goodell. I don’t care that he’s excited she’s bringing in new eyeballs. I’m sick of it. 

It’s all just too much, and it’s having the opposite effect of the one they intended. It’s making me dislike her as opposed to falling more in love with her. Taylor Swift is a good songwriter and a good singer, but she’s not Jesus. This is how they treat her. I’ve had it.

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