Megyn Shares What Happened When Her Kids Had a Snow Day This Week

Much of the country got blanketed in snow and freezing temperatures this week, which led to school delays and closures – and even some adult hooky.

Snow is not all that uncommon in Connecticut where Megyn lives, but her kids were still delighted to be home from school on Tuesday due to the weather. Snow is not so much the norm, however, in Nashville, Tennessee, where The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles was calling in from.

On Wednesday’s show, Megyn and Knowles discussed the pros and cons of snow days and why they both believe “we’ve gone soft” when it comes to dealing with the elements and raising kids.

Snowed In

Knowles shared that he’s been forced to work from home much of the week because Nashville received a light coating of snow. “Every time that Nashville gets a dusting of snow, the city shuts down for at least a week because we’re not used to snow around here,” he said. “Sadly, The Daily Wire studios have been closed for days, though I think that my production team just wants to play hooky.” 

Megyn said she understood where Knowles was coming from because she had just had a similar conversation with her assistant Abby. “Here in Connecticut, they closed the schools yesterday, and I was delighted for my children who every night pray for a snow day the next day,” she shared. “But Abby is from Minnesota, I’m from Syracuse, and we’re like, ‘Really? They would never close the schools in Syracuse or Minnesota for an inch and a half. We’ve gone soft.'” 

While Knowles admitted some adults may relish the idea of being snowed in, that proposition becomes a little less attractive when you have small children. “My team at The Daily Wire that don’t have children are all very eager to work from home for as long as possible,” he noted. “Those of us with toddlers though recognize that working from home is actually physically impossible when you have little kids.”

He joked that the “barbarians would be at the gates” for the entire interview, though Megyn promised things would get easier as his kids get older. “My kids now are old enough that they’re independent,” she said. “A snow day becomes a lot easier as you have children who can take care of themselves for the day.”

Let It Snow

Megyn’s kids are 10, 12, and 14 years old, while Abby’s daughters are five and seven. To pass the time on Tuesday, all five of them – plus Megyn’s husband Doug – enjoyed a snowball fight in the backyard.

In this particular case, Megyn was happy to be an observer. “I participated in that I watched it all from the window as I was getting ready for the show,” she admitted. “Honestly, that was enough for me. I was good with that. I had no desire to be getting the snowball in the face like the kids love to do.”

It wasn’t always that way though. “When I was little in Syracuse, I had it made because right across the street there was this house that had a great hill in their backyard,” Megyn recalled. “I named it ‘Grease Lightning’ because I was a child of the 70s and obsessed with John Travolta. I still think of it to this day.”

Sledding was commonplace at school too, which is where Megyn sustained a pretty significant injury. “They had a great sledding hill at my elementary school and you’d go out during recess,” she recalled. “Back in the good old times, I got my first concussion because the boys would jump in the sled behind the one that the girls were in and, boom, it would go airborne and land on us.”

Even so, she has nothing but fond memories. “We called that fun,” Megyn quipped. “We’re not letting any strengthening of ourselves, our bodies, or our minds occur at all anymore.”

Knowles agreed that it is an unfortunate sign of the times. “That’s what happens with the regression,” he concluded. “We’re all just kind of hunched over pretty soon we’re going to be quadrupedal and lose the ability even to communicate in a sensible way.”

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