‘She’s a Liar’: Megyn Calls Out Jill Biden for Using Softball MSNBC Interview to Defend Hunter Biden

On the heels of Hunter Biden making a surprise appearance on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, First Lady Jill Biden sat down with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. When Brzezinski asked the good doctor about she is handling the “onslaught of accusations” against the first son, she chose to defend his actions.

On Wednesday’s show, Megyn was joined by the hosts of Ruthless – Josh Holmes, Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook – to discuss Biden’s insincere response to the question and the softball nature of the interview.

‘She’s a Liar’

The first son caused quite a stir in Congress on Wednesday when he showed up unannounced to a House Oversight Committee hearing. It just so happened to be the day the committee was voting on whether or not to hold him in contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena last month.

Hunter sat in the gallery for a small portion of the proceedings before dramatically storming out of the room as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) began to speak. “It was just a big middle finger to the entire process and really to the American people,” Megyn said. “So, Mika mentions that incident and Hunter’s hot, messy life to ‘Dr.’ Jill.”

During the sit down that aired Thursday, Brzezinski asked the first lady how she was dealing with the drama. “How have you been coping personally with the onslaught of accusations against your husband and your family, including and especially Hunter,” she asked. “He’s the focus of a House Oversight Committee hearing holding him in contempt, obsessing over him, showing pictures of him during vulnerable moments in his battle with addiction on the floor of the House. This would crush any family.” 

Biden did not miss the chance to defend her stepson against the “cruel” treatment. “I think what they’re doing to Hunter is cruel,” she said. “I’m really proud of how Hunter has rebuilt his life after addiction. You know, I love my son and it’s hurt my grandchildren. That’s what I’m so concerned about, that it is affecting their lives as well.”

Megyn was unmoved. “How is it cruel to now ask Hunter about those [business] relationships, to ask Joe Biden about them, to say, ‘This looks corrupt and it is a family business,’” she wondered. “I’m sorry, but she’s a liar just like her husband and her son.”

MSNBC’s Softball Sit Down

It wasn’t just the first lady’s response that Megyn took issue with. She was also critical of the line of questioning from Brzezinski given that she and co-host Joe Scarborough criticized Fox News for the treatment of former President Donald Trump during Wednesday night’s town hall. They called it a “fawning,” “softball event.”

In Megyn’s view, Brzezinski’s interview with Biden was the ‘softball’ event. “If you’re gonna sit there and tee it up for the first lady to say ‘this is cruel what they’re doing to my son,’ then you better – if you actually consider yourself a journalist who criticizes other journalists – get ready with a couple of tough follow ups,” she explained. “She did not ask her any hard questions.”

Those “tough follow ups” could have included: “Madam, let me walk you through why they’re investigating him,” Megyn said. “And by the way, why do we have those nudie pics of Hunter? It’s because he thought his unit was the most… photogenic unit in the world. He couldn’t get enough of his own disgusting, hairy body. That’s the only reason we’ve seen it.”

Ultimately, Megyn believes the interview was “an egregious fall down on the job” for a journalist. “[Mika] is very clearly voting for the Bidens and that’s okay, journalists are allowed to vote in elections and have a preference,” she concluded. “But when you’re across from the other person as a journalist, f–king do your job.”

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