‘In What World…’: Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Asking for a Sit Down with King Charles

AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool

It’s been four years since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were stepping down as senior members of the royal family, but the couple seems to keep coming back for more.

The latest reports suggest the Duchess of Sussex has been trying to arrange a meeting with King Charles to discuss what she perceives to be a different standard set for her and her family compared to other royals.

On Monday’s show, Megyn was joined by Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan to talk about Markle’s alleged wishes and why she continues to seek the spotlight.

Sit Down Spurned?

According to royal expert Neil Sean, Markle apparently “wants some answers” from King Charles. The former Suits actress is apparently upset about why she and Prince Harry have been subjected to what she considers a “different” set of rules than other royals.

Sean claimed in a YouTube video that Markle is “furious” that she and her husband face backlash for doing interviews and other public projects, while royals like Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, do not. “The thing that really riles Meghan is that Fergie pops up on things like the ITV daytime show ‘This Morning,’ ‘Loose Women’ and billing herself as the Duchess of York, selling books and possibly doing adverts all under the Royal Family,” he explained. “Meghan and Harry seemingly don’t understand why it’s a different rule for her.”

Apparently, the Duchess has gone so far as to try to arrange a sit down meeting with her father-in-law to “explain exactly the problems she’s encountered ever since becoming a member of the British monarchy,” Sean said.

Megyn wondered what exactly would be discussed. “It’s so hard when they make you a household name across the globe… and they give you a whole castle to live in, and you marry a prince, and your children have titles, and you live in a $20 million mansion in Montecito, and you get flown around on Tyler Perry’s jet, and then they give you $150 million at Netflix,” she quipped. “She wants to tell you about her problems since she became a damn royal. Life isn’t fair.”

The tête-à-tête has apparently not occurred – and Callahan said Markle shouldn’t hold her breath. “In what world does she think that the king of the United Kingdom is going to sit down one-on-one with her and not sweep her for bugs, and take the iPhone, and worry about the notes she’s going to take after that will go in the memoir,” she asked. “I mean everybody knows their deal; everybody knows what they’re up to.”

Royal End Game

During an appearance at Variety’s Power of Women in Hollywood 2023 event last november, Markle teased that she and Harry have “so many exciting things on the slate” that she “can’t wait” to announce. 

If that is true, Callahan questioned why she is concerned about what the royal family thinks. “Does she want to be loved or does she want to exist solely in opposition and be the aggrieved anti-heroine,” she asked. “It’s sort of like somebody just rueing around in their own open wound. If she didn’t enjoy this, she would have moved on a long long time ago.”

Given Markle’s history with the royals, Megyn agreed. “When she was first accepted in the royal family and fast-tracked by the Queen, she created these problems, she found things to be upset about, she created the rift with the royal family,” she noted. “Then she goes out there and calls them racists; then [Prince Harry] denies she ever did; then she calls the British people racists; then they don’t understand why people don’t like them.”

Ultimately, Megyn believes that should answer any questions Markle may have. “To the end, these two are about rules for me and not for thee or vice versa,” she concluded.

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