‘Be Bold’: Megyn Has a Message for How to Improve Your Life in 2024

Cristian Escobar/Unsplash

Everything is possible – not tomorrow, not in 2024, right now. You don’t like your weight, your partner, your relationship, your job? Change it. Now. Do something. Don’t wait. Try harder.

Want to eat less? Do it. Drink less? Now is the time. Stop being lazy? Get off the couch. Enjoy your job more? Find a way. No one is sitting around thinking about how to make you happy. Only you do that. And if not you, then no one.

Can you change jobs? Professions? Why not? Can you take a risk? Lead a bold life? And if the answer is no, then what can you do to make your situation better today? Try. Don’t whine (it’s unattractive and pointless). Stop using the word ‘unfair’ (even if it’s applicable). Be your own parent. Force good choices.

Consume a healthy diet of news. Don’t stew in negativity. Avoid panderers and people who only tell you what you want to hear. Accept reality. Work to change the things you cannot stand. Be bold. Raise your hand. Use your voice. Say what you really think – yes, what you really think. It will clear the clutter out from your life.

Get enough sleep. Plan around it. Make it a ritual. Get some exercise. It doesn’t need to be a ton – shoot for 4,000 steps a day – but do something. Eat better food and eat less. Step away from processed stuff. Drink less alcohol.

Work on your physical and emotional connection with your partner. It will make your life better. Say the hard things. Don’t settle for ‘good enough.’ Make it great. Insist on it. You do it, and your partner will follow.

Go back to church or temple or wherever you worship. Reconnect with God. Even if you don’t feel it at first, try.

Find something leisurely to pursue. Needlepoint. Music lessons. Reading. Walking in the woods. Swimming. If it can be outdoors, all the better.

Your life won’t improve unless you design and execute a plan to improve it. No one is coming to save you. You save yourself. You can. Don’t believe the negative voices. They lie. Positive thinking is the way forward.

Happy New Year.

Let’s do this.