‘Closeness Breeds Closeness’: Megyn Shares How She and Doug Spend Their Mornings Around the Holidays

Tessa Rampersad/Unsplash

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I saw a post online recently – maybe you saw it, too – showing a very old woman holding her husband’s hand. As she passed, the husband shared that she said, ‘Don’t call the doctor, I just want you.’

I know that may seem a sad way to open a Christmas message, but it’s so spot-on. I can’t stop thinking about it. She was right. That’s it. That’s everything. Love! Our relationships. Our kids. The moments together!

Christmas, at its heart, is that and the celebration of Jesus Christ, whose relationship with us – if we allow it to – soothes us, uplifts us, inspires and comforts us, and makes everything in our lives more meaningful.

Sitting around the Christmas tree with kids and family in a celebration of faith and love is exactly the right way to spend such a special day. The biggest challenge is doing it more often.

Recently, Doug and I started setting the alarm for 30 minutes before the kids wake up. We make our coffee, sit by the twinkly lights, and have some time together before the demands of the day pull us in 10 different directions. I highly recommend this! It’s made our connection feel so much stronger, and spending more time with family around the holidays does the same. Closeness breeds closeness.

Here’s hoping your Christmas is full of hand holding, time with family, faith, and a renewed connection with Jesus and those you love most.

I am sending my warmest wishes to you all!