You Asked, We Listened: Megyn Just Revealed the One Makeup Product She Can’t Live Without

We’ve run out of hands to count the number of emails we receive from viewers of The Megyn Kelly Show each week asking about Megyn’s makeup. From her lip color to her contour, we know many of you are curious about how she gets on-camera ready – and now Megyn is offering a peek into her makeup bag.

As she has shared in the past, Megyn does her own makeup every day. She spent enough time in makeup chairs over the course of her TV career to learn a trick or two along the way, but she has also credited YouTube tutorials for being a great source of inspiration and guidance.

While technique is key to perfecting any makeup look, the products matter too. Foundation is a product that can turn a lot of people off because of how challenging it can be to find a shade and formula that works for you, but Megyn believes it’s worth the trouble. 

Her favorite? IT Cosmetics Bye, Bye Foundation because it is buildable (i.e. you can customize the coverage from light to full depending on your needs) and does not crease or get cakey (i.e. one of the most annoying pitfalls of complexion products). As Megyn shared, it makes her skin look healthy, radiant, and even-toned even on days it doesn’t feel that way. The best part? It has SPF for sun protection.

This is not #SponCon or an #ad – just a genuine review of a product Megyn loves that hopefully you might too. We’ll keep Megyn’s makeup tips coming in the New Year, so be sure to check back soon.