Megyn Has Some Thoughts About Oprah Winfrey Revealing She’s Taking Weight Loss Medication

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Months after saying that using drugs like Ozempic to shed pounds would be “the easy way out,” Oprah Winfrey just confirmed she is taking a weight loss drug for maintenance. 

The queen of daytime’s svelte physique turned heads on the red carpet last week, which led her to then admit what was behind the slim down.

On Friday’s show, Megyn and Bari Weiss, founder and CEO of The Free Press, discussed Winfrey’s admission and why it will hopefully change the stigma around the pharmaceutical aids.

Oprah’s Weight Loss Reveal

Last week, Winfrey was out and about in Los Angeles ahead of the release of the remake of The Color Purple in Los Angeles, which she produced. On December 3, she turned up at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures gala in a form-fitting sequined gown that showed off her noticeably slimmer physique. A few days later, she attended the world premiere of The Color Purple in another curve-hugging design.

Given Winfrey’s very public journey with her weight, it didn’t take long for the questions to swirl about what was behind her latest look. She revealed in a cover story for People on newsstands this week that she is taking weight loss medication. 

The former talk show host told the magazine that her opinion on the drugs changed over the summer after she filmed a panel discussion with weight loss experts. Once she “released my own shame about it,” Winfrey said she consulted with her doctor who prescribed her a weight loss med (she did not specifically name which one).

She said she uses it “as I feel I need it” in conjunction with “the WeightWatchers principles of counting points” (she owns a stake in the company) and exercise. “It’s everything,” Winfrey told People of her health and fitness routine. “I know everybody thought I was on it, but I worked so damn hard. I know that if I’m not also working out and vigilant about all the other things, it doesn’t work for me.”

Removing the Stigma

Weiss is based in L.A. and joked that anyone “who had an extra 20 pounds” on them, including herself, has suddenly lost it as a result of weight loss drugs like Ozempic. She is glad to hear Oprah admitting to it as well. “Good for Oprah,” she said. “I’ve talked about it to anyone who will listen, I used Ozempic and I lost 15 pounds on it. I was on the lowest dose and it was incredibly effective.”

While she noted that she is not a “scientist” or “medical expert,” Weiss does know there are “horribly deleterious effects from being massively overweight.” Winfrey is someone who has “struggled for an extremely long time” with her weight, Weiss said, and it’s “been a huge part of her public persona,” yet she is an example of how someone “can take a drug that is so unbelievably effective.”

Megyn agreed that Winfrey is now helping to remove the “stigma” from these medications – even if she initially added to it. “All these Real Housewives [stars] who deny that they’re on it… are the ones who are attaching the shame to it,” she said. “Oprah didn’t help by sort of saying it’s cheating… It’s a drug that helps people control their appetite. How is that cheating?”

Ultimately, Megyn quipped that this particular story is a “rare win” for Winfrey on The Megyn Kelly Show, but she was happy to give it to her. “I’m against her for all sorts of reasons, but I’m also against obesity,” she concluded. “If you are [obese], you can look into one of these medications, or at the [WW] points, or intermittent fasting, or whatever works for you.”

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