T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach Talk About Their Adultery Scandal on ‘Cringe’ New Podcast

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are back. 

The former GMA3 co-anchors launched a new podcast this week and, in the debut episode, talk at length about their controversial relationship and unceremonious exit from ABC News. 

On Friday’s show, Megyn was joined by Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan to discuss the revelations from the pair’s “cringe-inducing” new venture and why they don’t see it going very far.

Holmes and Robach Return

In January, Holmes and Robach were fired by ABC News after they became tabloid fodder. It had been revealed by Daily Mail that they were having an affair and had subsequently left their respective spouses. Details had also emerged about Holmes’ alleged inappropriate behavior with other staffers.

Nearly a year later, the disgraced duo is back with a new project. They launched a podcast titled Amy and T.J. and used the debut episode to give their side of the story. “I guess the best way to sum us up, Amy and T.J., is we are the folks who lost their jobs because we love each other,” Holmes said to start the show.

Robach went on to claim that the series of events that led to their termination was “the scandal that wasn’t” and said the pair “thought we had a right to privacy.” As the story goes, she was giving a talk in Washington DC, while Holmes was taping a segment in New York when the news of their relationship broke. “They’re claiming that they were not adulterers, that they were in divorce proceedings when they were having their affair,” Megyn noted. “That’s obviously just a cover now.”

Robach claimed they were given “no warning” or “opportunity for comment” before the reveal, which Callahan noted in a recent Daily Mail article is untrue. “Before breaking the story, DailyMail.com approached Holmes, Robach, and ABC for comment,” she wrote. “Each camp issued denials.”

Robach also shared that she “had to do a welfare check” on Holmes because of his reaction to the news. “I was shaking. This is the most awful thing — having to touch your body to see if you were still warm. I was so afraid,” she recalled. “You were just incoherent. You don’t even remember me coming, do you?”

Tell Me Lies?

While Holmes and Robach did their best in the podcast to change the narrative around their relationship, Callahan wasn’t buying it. “They are so in love with their origin story as a couple – their origin story that’s completely sanitized,” she explained. “[They want] us to believe that they’re such broadcast talents that were unfairly kicked out of legacy media… They also are so naive as to think that they wouldn’t need to disclose their involvement to ABC executives.”

In Megyn’s view, the version of events is hard to believe given what has transpired since their termination. “If it were true that Daily Mail got it wrong, 100 percent they would sue,” she said. “They would want to, understandably, sue and say, ‘You absolutely disparaged us with false information and you cost us our job.’ Guess what? That never happened for a reason.”

Ultimately, she believes the couple’s return to media will be short-lived. “They want us to believe theirs is a love story and they’re happier and healthier than ever – no one is going to listen to this,” she concluded. “Enjoy your two minutes back. The only thing that is interesting is your weird and apparently false takes on your affair, which we all see right through.”

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