‘I Had So Much Fun’: Megyn Shares Behind the Scenes Pictures and Stories from the GOP Primary Debate

I’ve had so much fun this week. I was so happy that I got to bring my family to Tuscaloosa. Doug came with the kids yesterday. They had a lot of thoughts about the debate themselves, and I was actually really impressed with how thoughtful they were on it. You know, I would rather listen to my 10-year-old Thatcher than Politico. I am telling you, his analysis was spot on. 

I thought the debate was a success because we got to have an actual debate. It’s the first time that’s happened this election cycle. The first debate was a little too big in terms of the number of candidates. The second debate was a hot mess from beginning to end. The third debate was Kristen Welker and Lester Holt doing an interview based on their own thoughts about what matters rather than what the candidates had to say.

So, I thought this was the first debate where they really got to go at it. We tried to shrink ourselves as the moderators and let the candidates be the stars. We focused on real issues and we asked questions that Republicans want answers to. Some of the issues that came up were not raised in any other debate, but they are important to Republican voters. 

I thought the questions were all very charged in a good and challenging way. I think you can ask charged questions like that if the audience knows you don’t hate these people. You know what I mean? I’m skeptical of politicians in general, but they know I don’t hate them. You can get away with very charged questions and pointed questions no matter what, but especially if they know it’s not coming from a negative place.

That’s my overview of what happened last night, but I also wanted to give you a little peek behind the curtain at some of what happened in the lead up to the debate. Below are some pictures my team and I took along the way.

Safety First?

This is our debate prep room at the University of Alabama. We were discussing top-secret questions for the candidates when – despite our high tech security system (these signs) – two students from the band walked right in looking to put away their drums. So much for our crack system! 

Getting Lit

There are lots of lighting, mic, and earpiece checks before the big night…

Practice Makes Perfect

These multi-screen views show some of the students standing in for the candidates to help perfect the camera shots, lighting, etc.

Family Affair

Doug and the kids arrived in Tuscaloosa while I was live on the air. I was so happy to see them!!

Star Turn

My team was taking in The Megyn Kelly Show signage everywhere. Seeing the big promo banners and signs all over campus was exciting for our show that began with just four people (myself included!) three short years ago. Note: that’s Lauren LaBruna in the front, Canadian Debbie with the brunette hair in the back, and Abigail Finan on the right. They work so hard, and I adore them!!

Glam Room

A look inside my dressing room just before showtime with my hair and makeup team.

Madam President?!

Lauren, Abby, and Debbie having fun behind the lecterns.

That’s a Wrap

Post-debate celebration – love EJ!

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