Why Megyn’s Kids Don’t Share Her Enthusiasm for Listening to Christmas Music 24/7

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… at least in Megyn’s studio. 

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn debuted some festive new additions to her set. “It’s Christmas inside the studio,” she shared at the top of the program. “I am so excited about my fake trees and their sparkly, white lights. We’re getting ready for the holiday spirit.”

Too Soon?

There is often some debate about how early is too early to deck the halls. The hosts of The Fifth Column – Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch – poked a little fun at the fact that it’s still November, but Megyn said all is merry and bright because it’s after Thanksgiving. “It’s practically December – everything post-Thanksgiving is cool,” she said. “It’s exciting! You should see my house.”

Bah Humbug

Her kids, however, don’t necessarily share that same enthusiasm. “This is the time of year when I incessantly play Christmas carols – they are all over SiriusXM; you can find them on many channels,” she explained. “Two out of my three children roll their eyes and say, ‘Enough. Enough. Enough.’”

But not to worry, Megyn is undeterred. “I say it’s never enough. Never. We will have them on 24/7 all the way through the end of the 25th,” she concluded. “I’m in the spirit.”

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