Wait, Kim Kardashian Was Just Named… GQ Man of the Year?!

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Megyn regularly reports on instances of what she calls “woman face” – when biological men infiltrate women’s spaces, like sports, locker rooms, beauty pageants, etc. But today the tables have turned.

Earlier this week, GQ announced that Kim Kardashian had made its 2023 ‘Men of the Year’ list and is the cover star of the magazine dedicated to the annual honors. It hits newsstands November 28, but the photos and profile are already making the rounds.

On Thursday’s show, Megyn was joined by community activist Carrie Prejean Boller to discuss the gender bending honor and why Kardashian is not a good role model for young people.

‘Man of the Year’… Kim Kardashian?!

Kardashian is apparently topping the annual GQ Men of the Year list because of her “tycoon” status. It comes on the heels of her shapewear company, SKIMS, launching its first-ever men’s line and securing a sponsorship with the NBA as its official underwear partner. “We’ve called out ‘woman face,’ so I guess we’re gonna have to call out ‘man face’ now,” Megyn said.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashian star helped break the news with an Instagram post of her cover with the caption “Hi! I’m the GQ Man of the Year! 😱🤯🥰.”

In the photo, she is wearing a men’s suit and tie while sucking her thumb and holding a bag of Cheetos. While Kardashian is featured in her signature contoured makeup, her long brown locks look drenched. “It’s a horrendous photo of her,” Megyn noted. “She looks absolutely terrible.”

In Prejean Boller’s view, the photo perpetuates stereotypes. “I find that that photo to be actually quite sexist because… she’s sucking her thumb in a very sexual way,” she said. “Like, where are the feminists? Why are they not outraged by this because she’s just being objectified. GQ is bought by a bunch of men, and any man that looks at that is seeing it as very sexual.”

While Kardashian is not, in Prejean Boller’s words, “pretending to be trans,” the honor is yet another example of how “there are no longer sacred spaces” for men and women. “We’re seeing men win ‘woman of the year,’ we’re seeing women masquerading on GQ as winning ‘man of the year,’” she said. “It makes no sense.”

‘I’m Sick of Looking at Her’

Karshashian is no stranger to magazine covers and Megyn, for one, is “sick of looking at her.” While this may be a ‘man of year’ feature, Megyn said the impact she is having on young girls cannot be overlooked. “I hate everything she stands for,” she said. “She’s trying to change your daughters and mine into self-obsessed, selfie-taking, enormously manufactured all over their body and denying it-type girls.”

Prejean Boller agreed. “I think she’s destroyed an entire generation of young women,” she shared. “I have a lot of friends who have girls that are in high school… who are flooded with their pictures on social media and this obsession with body image and having a little waist and a big butt – which is totally unobtainable.”

From her fashion collaborations to her skincare and makeup lines to SKIMS, Megyn noted Kardashian’s output to society is “all about how you look.” Prejean Boller said that is precisely the problem. “The Kardashians… are just obsessed with themselves, they’re obsessed with making money, and they’re a terrible example to our young girls,” she concluded. “They send a very bad message to our daughters.”

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