‘I Don’t Know What He’s Prepared to Do’: Megyn Reacts to Biden’s Lack of Remarks About U.S. Citizens Missing in Israel

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Joe Biden addressed the American people on Tuesday about the terrorist attacks in Israel for the first time since his initial remarks on Saturday. 

He shared that 14 American citizens are among the more 1,200 dead (that death toll has since risen to 22), and he admonished the “pure, unadulterated evil” the people of Israel faced at the “bloody hands of the terrorist organization Hamas.” But it’s what he didn’t say that has gotten just as much attention.

On Wednesday’s show, Megyn was joined by Glenn Beck, host of BlazeTV’s The Glenn Beck Program, to discuss the president’s remarks and why his actions will ultimately speak louder than his words.

Biden Speaks About Israel

President Biden delivered a speech on Tuesday at the White House after he and Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Biden was clearly emotional while he condemned the “act of sheer evil” Hamas unleashed on innocent civilians.

It was the Biden administration’s most forceful defense of Israel thus far, and he also encouraged Americans to “come together,” “grieve with those who are mourning,” and reject hate. His position was a departure from other factions of the Democrat Party and left that have been more sympathetic to Hamas and critical of Israel.

Even so, there were key elements of the terror attack and aftermath that were tellingly left out of the speech. Despite reporting from the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post that Hamas terrorists received weapons, training, and financial support from Iran, Biden made no mention of the involvement or how his administration plans to handle the $6 billion in Iranian assets that was recently unfrozen.

While the word ‘hostage’ appeared five times in the official transcript of the speech, he did not directly address how many Americans remain missing other than to say he has “no higher priority than the safety of Americans being held hostage around the world.”

Megyn does not believe that went far enough. “They’ve already killed [22] Americans and we have an untold number still in jeopardy – where is the strong presidential message of ‘if you harm a single American, we’re gonna unleash the full force,’” she asked. “He won’t say it because he’s not prepared to do it. I don’t know what he’s prepared to do.”

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

To that point, Beck acknowledged that people in Israel listening to Biden’s remarks must have said “thank goodness,” but he doesn’t believe the president’s actions align with the words. “I have absolutely no faith that this president and the leadership that he’s selected at the Pentagon can do anything but shoot themselves in the foot,” he said. “He’s surrounded by Obama wannabes, and he’s the most incompetent individual.”

With Russia at war with Ukraine and Israel at war with Hamas, Beck said we must consider the fact that China fighting Taiwan could be next. That would have several ramifications for the U.S. “Do you think China won’t go for Taiwan,” he asked. “China will take an opportunity for a three-front war, [and] I don’t think we could even last on a one-front war.”

That is why Beck would prefer to see “action” from the president. In addition to the missing and hostages, he said he has employees with family members who are trying to get back to the U.S. from Israel but cannot because Delta and American Airlines stopped flights in and out of Tel Aviv. “What good does a speech make,” he concluded. “When did we become such wusses that we will stand on the sidelines kicking rocks and won’t even save our own people?”

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