‘Hold Your Loved Ones Near’: Megyn Reflects on What’s Important After the Passing of Her Friend

I wanted to tell you that I’m taking the day off tomorrow because my friend died over the weekend. It was totally unexpected. She was a 46-year-old mother of two young boys and a beautiful wife. We don’t know what happened yet, but her funeral is tomorrow.

It just is a reminder, as with any loss, to hold your loved ones near. Make sure you look around and you are living the life you want to be living – the life that if God called your number tomorrow morning, you are okay with the way you were in this world, you are okay with your core relationships, you have said the things that you needed to say.

If you need the reassessment on how you’re going through life, this kind of thing can do that for you. It’s doing it for me right now. And for once I’m relieved that I look around and I’ve set my life up to be with the people I love the most. I hope you’ve done the same. I hope you know I’m thinking about you. I’m grateful to all of you for helping me do that. If it weren’t for you, I couldn’t be doing this.

But if you could spare a prayer from my friend, her husband, and her boys, I sure would appreciate it.