‘We’ve Got Kids to Feed’: Drivers and Law Enforcement Fight Back After Environmentalists Block Traffic in Nevada and DC

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In the latest showdowns between environmentalists and hardworking Americans trying to go about their business, drivers and law enforcement refused to back down. Over the weekend, climate activists in Nevada and Washington, DC, attempted to shut down traffic but were swiftly rebuffed.

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn and Victor Davis Hanson, author of The Dying Citizen, discussed the intrusive protests and the “empowered” way inconvenienced citizens seem to be fighting back.

Burnout at Burning Man

Climate activists from Seven Circles and Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrance to the Burning Man festival in Nevada on Sunday by parking a trailer across the narrow two-lane road and filling the street with signs that read “Burners of the World Unite,” “Abolish Capitalism, “Ban Private Jets,” and more. 

Traffic was snarled for miles in both directions until rangers from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police Department arrived at the scene and plowed through the blockade in a squad car before arresting demonstrators. No one was injured, though protestors were left stunned.

“Guess what happened,” Megyn quipped about the intervention. “The traffic picked right back up.”

‘Get the F-ck Out of Here!’

That scene came on the heels of infuriated motorists in the nation’s capital confronting protestors from the anti-fossil fuel group Declare Emergency. On Saturday, demonstrators sat in the middle of a highway holding banners until angry drivers called police and ripped the signs from their hands.

Will Allen-DuPraw/News2Share

“I want to work, I want to go to work,” one driver could be heard yelling in video footage of the scene. “You don’t give a f-ck, get the f-ck out of here! We have to go to f-cking work,’ another woman was heard screaming. “We’ve got kids to feed.”

Megyn, for one, appreciated the sentiment. “Tell ’em, sister,” she exclaimed. “That’s how we all feel. Most of us do work; we don’t sit in the middle of roads trying to cause chaos for the people who are productive.”

DC police reportedly arrived at the demonstration and issued a warning to the activists. At that point, they got out of the road and were arrested amid cheers of drivers.

An ‘Empowered’ Response

Megyn and Hanson were encouraged by the response to the protestors. “Finally, we’re seeing some pushback both by the citizenry and by law enforcement to these environmental nutcases who continue to disrupt – whether it’s… [at] a beautiful museum spilling God knows what over beautiful art [or] stopping traffic,” Megyn said. 

Hanson noted that these activist groups are made up of “very wealthy, elite liberals” who are “warring on the middle class and marginalized communities.” These most examples, he said, show as much. “In those clips, it’s all these wealthy, spoiled brat environmental protesters that don’t have to work every day,” he shared. “Finally, we get a revolt of working class people.”

Megyn said the clips left her inspired. “Isn’t it wonderful,” she asked. “I feel empowered.” Hanson agreed, and he believes more of this is on the horizon. “I’ve got to write a sequel to The Dying CitizenThe Alive Citizen or The Grieving Citizen,” he concluded. “Maybe they are coming back.”

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