You Have to See What Happened When Megyn Took on the Punching Bag Machine at a Local Bar

Megyn has shared that she’s been building out her fitness regimen lately with HIIT classes, long walks at the beach, pickleball, and even some interesting back-strengthening exercises that have her envisioning lasers coming out of her chest. Now she knows that all of that sweat equity is paying off.

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn and the hosts of Ruthless – Josh Holmes, Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook – were discussing the athletic pursuits the guys have been showing off at the Iowa State Fair. 

Holmes is throwing heat in the batting cages, Ashbrook has been breaking plates at a throwing game, Duncan is sinking baskets in the shooting contest, and Smug dominated at shotgunning High Noon hard seltzers. “This is a multifaceted team of talent,” Smug quipped.

In case the guys need to add another skillset to their squad, Megyn was prepared to submit some tape for consideration. “My husband Doug and I went out last weekend with some friends, and they dragged us to this bar here at the Jersey Shore that everybody loves,” she shared. “It’s got all these ‘man games,’ and we wives tried to get out of it.”

They got guilt-tripped into going, so Megyn decided to make the most of it. “We went and played some darts,” she recalled. “And I did the thing where you punch the big punching bag and it gives you a rating.”

Watch her in action below:

Doug and their friend Matt were apparently pushing 800, but Megyn posted a very respectable 554. “Some guys were getting 200 or 300,” she said. “I am telling you, there was some power behind that. I think I can hang in the Ruthless Olympic Program you’ve got going on in Iowa.”

Holmes agreed. “It has long been known that Megyn Kelly can pack a punch,” he concluded. “And I am glad it is now documented evidence.”

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