‘I’m Concerned’: Megyn Reacts to Kamala Harris’ Latest Word Salad About ‘Culture’

Amy Harris/Invision/AP

When Vice President Kamala Harris talks, we all listen – though maybe not for the reasons she would like. Her speeches since taking office in January 2021 have largely been labeled ‘word salad’ due to their rambling and repetitive nature. 

Despite the valiant attempts from the media to defend her less-than-compelling oratory style, the vice president delivered yet another whopper last week when attempting to talk about culture.

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn was joined by the hosts of The Fifth Column – Kmele Foster, Michael C. Moynihan, and Matt Welch – to discuss the latest word salad and what it means for the future of the Democratic Party.

Kamala on Culture

While attending the Essence Festival in New Orleans last week (the same event at which Jill Scott delivered an America-bashing version of the National Anthem), Vice President Harris was asked a question about culture. Her response provided more questions than answers:

“Culture is [pause]… It is a reflection of our moment in our time, right? And, and present culture is the way we express our feeling about the moment. And, and we should always find time to express how we feel about the moment that is a reflection of joy cause, eeeh, you know, it comes in the morning [laughs]. We also have to find ways to also express the way we feel about the moment in terms of just having language and, and and, a connection to how people are experiencing life and I think about it in that way, too.”

– Vice President Kamala Harris

“Huh, as my Nana Teva used to say,” Megyn quipped. “Huh?”

Anyone who has watched the vice president knows that isn’t the first time she’s spoken in circles and Megyn’s team pulled together just a few of the most classic examples:

  • “It is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day…”
  • “We all believe that when we talk about the children of the community they are a children of the community…”
  • “Um talking about the significance of the passage of time right, the significance of the passage of time. So when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time…”
  • “I am here, standing here on the northern flank – on the eastern flank…”
  • “Because we have the ability to see what can be, unburdened by what has been, and then to make the possible actually happen…”
  • “To see the moment in time in which we exist in our present and to be able to contextualize it to understand where we exist in the history, and in the moment, as it relates not only to the past but the future…”
  • “But let’s always take a moment to also see what we have achieved thus far while we clearly see the moment that we are presently in so we have achieved a lot…”

The Fifth Column guys tried their best to find a bright spot. “She’s the master of tautology,” Foster joked. “She has a thing that she’s good at.” On that point, Megyn agreed. “Long may she reign – I never want her to go anywhere,” she quipped. “I love listening to her and Karine Jean-Pierre because they’re cut from the same cloth of just actually saying absolutely nothing with tons of words… It is a skill.”

How the Media Treats Harris

While the “left wing media” had a field day with the verbal follies of former Vice President Dan Quayle and even former President George W. Bush, Harris has not received the same treatment. “Even the Democrats don’t like her, but remember what they did to Dan Quayle – she’s not getting that treatment by the press,” Megyn noted. “We still get every once in a while… the hit piece on why we’re all sexists, and misogynists, and racists for having any fun at her expense whatsoever and that all these criticisms come from our bigotry.”

Moynihan had a slightly different take on how the media has handled Harris. “They’re doing it now, but they do it… as the drip, drip, drip,” he said. “I mean, there was… the Kamala Harris story in The New York Times about how she’s out to lunch, and how there’s a huge staff turnover, no one really likes her, that sort of thing… those are sources from the White House… that don’t want her on the ticket.”

In his view, “everything in politics is targeted,” intentional, and “set up for a very long period of time” – including these stories about Harris. “When you see these stories about Kamala, they don’t come out and do it the way they did it with George Bush and Dan Quayle – which was ridicule – because that you can never come back from,” Moynihan said. “This is a kind of their controlled opposition from the inside.”

What’s Next for Harris

While Megyn once gave Harris “the benefit of the doubt,” watching her in action has changed her mind. “I did not think she was an idiot, but now I think she is a moron,” Megyn said. “I come to that conclusion just with my own eyes and ears from watching and listening to her – she cannot put two sentences together.”

This is “concerning” to her for several reasons. “I mean, [President Joe Biden] is actually losing his mental faculties, she’s just not a smart person, and it concerns me because that’s all we have in line at the Democratic side,” Megyn explained. “Joe Biden’s knocking on the Grim Reaper’s door and she could be the president of the United States in the next six years by default, if things go in a dark and upsetting way. I’m concerned.”

Ultimately, Foster believes there is a ‘plan B’ for Democrats. “There doesn’t seem to be any meaningful constituency for Kamala Harris,” he concluded. “I have zero doubt whatsoever at this point that, if anything were to happen to Joe Biden or if he were to decide [he’s] not going to do this… they would find someone else – cough, Gavin Newsom – to run as quickly as possible and push them to the forefront.”

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