‘The Left Is Eating Its Own’: Climate Change Activists Clash with Pride Parade Goers in London

In what appears to be a case of one leftist group turning on another, climate change activists interrupted a Pride parade in London because they did not like some of the corporate sponsors of the event.

Over the weekend, protesters halted a truck that was part of the celebration by sitting in the middle of the road. The activists claimed the protest occurred because London Pride organizers would not give into their demands regarding the parade’s sponsors. 

On Monday’s show, Megyn was joined by GB News presenter Darren Grimes to discuss how the left are “eating their own” and what comes next for the LGBTQ+ movement.

Protesting Pride

A London Pride parade was interrupted by climate change group Just Stop Oil, after it sent protesters to halt a truck by sitting in the middle of the road. Just Stop Oil is the same group that made news this spring for defacing priceless works of art, including Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers.”

On Saturday, videos emerged showing nine members of the organization marching onto the street as the event was going on and sitting in front of a Coca-Cola float carrying parade participants. In a statement, Just Stop Oil said it interfered with the parade because the organizers refused to cut ties with key sponsors from what it calls “high-polluting industries”:

“This afternoon’s action comes after LGBTQ+ representatives from Just Stop Oil met with London Pride to discuss their demands, after it was revealed Just Stop Oil would consider disrupting the event. London Pride have so far failed to make a commitment to take necessary steps to protect the LGBTQ+ community from the unfolding climate collapse, and have failed to address their relationship with destructive industries co-opting Pride to ‘pinkwash’ their reputations.”

According to reports, five of the protesters were arrested and two other activists were released on bail pending further investigation.

The Left Is ‘Eating Its Own’

Typically, Pride events would be the darling of the left, but there appears – at least in certain corners of the movement – to be fractures. Grimes, who nicknamed Just Stop Oil the “Just Spoiled Brats brigade,” believes “the left is starting to eat itself.” In this particular case, the climate activists were protesting “woke capitalism,” even though the corporations in question theoretically buy into all of the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) directives.

Megyn couldn’t help but see the irony. “Let me just get this straight, you’ve got a Pride parade happening… and the Just Stop Oil activists targeted the Pride parade not because they were doing anything to the environment but because they had Coca-Cola as a sponsor,” she questioned. “Yes, that is the left eating its own.”

Grimes believes the fissures will only grow deeper because of the “somersaults” and “mental arithmetic” now seemingly required of those on the left when it comes to which “diversity box” to check. “Which identity box should I care about right now: Should it be the ‘climate Greta [Thunberg] death cult’ or should it be the ‘Pride I’m obsessed with getting into schools and indoctrinating children cult,’” he asked. “Hmmm, let me think about it.”

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