A Closer Look at the Alarming New Details Emerging About Hunter Biden’s Sweetheart Plea Deal

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Another day, another revelation in the many cases involving Hunter Biden. Last week, the United States attorney’s office in Delaware announced the beleaguered First Son had agreed to plead guilty to federal tax and firearms charges. The deal is expected to carry no prison time or felony convictions. Many legal experts have argued it’s a sweetheart deal that amounts to a slap on the wrist – any other civilian would be (and has been) charged with multiple felonies and gone to jail for similar actions.

Based on new information from IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, however, it now appears as though someone is lying about the degree of power Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss was given. That is leading many to call for the judge overseeing Hunter’s plea deal to hold on proceedings until the House of Representatives gets a chance to review the situation. 

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn was joined by the hosts of Ruthless – Comfortably Smug, Josh Holmes, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook – to break down what we are now learning about Hunter’s plea deal and how the treatment of this case compares to that of former President Donald Trump.

The Latest Twist in the Hunter Biden Plea Deal

The latest wrinkle in the Hunter plea deal comes from the IRS whistleblower, Shapley, who says Weiss told him and at least five others that he did not have the authority to charge Hunter anywhere outside of Delaware.

In January 2022, Weiss apparently sought to indict Hunter on felony charges for 2014 tax evasion and 2015 misdemeanor charges related to the money he made from his work in Ukraine but could not because a U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C. appointed by President Joe Biden would not agree. U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves had jurisdiction because that was Hunter’s legal residence in those years. Weiss allegedly faced similar challenges in California. 

Megyn said this information is particularly “interesting” given what Attorney General Merrick Garland said about Weiss independence in a press conference on Friday. “As I said at the outset, Mr. Weiss, who was appointed by President Trump as the U.S. Attorney in Delaware and assigned this matter during the previous administration, would be permitted to continue his investigation and to make a decision to prosecute any way in which he wanted to and in any district in which he wanted to,” he said.

The net-net: Either Weiss misled the IRS team investigating Hunter or Garland lied to Congress. Either way, the New York Post editorial board is among the many calling for a freeze on Hunter’s plea deal until it’s clear who has been untruthful.

How This Information Is Coming to Light

Megyn and the Ruthless guys agreed that the discrepancy and inconsistency between Garland and Weiss’ recollections are stark and must be investigated by Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and the House Oversight Committee.

After all, the committee’s work is single-handedly responsible for uncovering most of what we know about the probes into Hunter. “We wouldn’t know any of this stuff if it wasn’t for the House Oversight Committee – that WhatsApp message, all of that stuff that the payments from the various Chinese entities to nine members of the Biden family,” Holmes noted. “All of that stuff has come through Congressional oversight, none of that stuff has been disclosed by the [Department of Justice].”

Based on what has transpired, Comfortably Smug said Democrats seemingly were banking on maintaining control of Congress to make all of this go away. “They hoped they could set up a sweetheart deal for the president’s son and no one would notice,” he said. “The one wrinkle in their plan was Republicans took the House.” Until January, Democrats held the majority. “They had three years of basically being left unchecked,” he noted. “We were told that it was Russian disinformation that Hunter committed any kind of a crime… people were getting banned from social media for posting anything.”

With Republicans now controlling the key committees in the House, all of this information is coming to light. “It has become very clear that when you have a situation where the two sides to this coin are Hunter and his lawyer and the attorney general who works for his father, [it is not] a fair situation,” Comfortably Smug said. “We’re seeing exactly the result of that.”

The Treatment of Trump vs. the Bidens

In the wake of Trump being indicted on federal charges for his alleged mishandling of classified documents, there have been renewed conversations around the double standard that seems to exist based on political persuasion. The leaks surrounding the Trump and Biden cases may speak to that. “The same DOJ which has been so tight-lipped about any Hunter Biden leaks, leaked on Trump right from the beginning,” Megyn pointed out. “How did The New York Times know the raid was happening… They’ve been leaking over and over… this DOJ is in it up to their necks.”

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