The Strudwick File: You Butter Believe It

Strud LOVES butter, and Megyn has been in a death match to prevent him from getting at the butter dish for the better part of the last two years. The efforts have been somewhat futile, as he’s broken a couple already. But lately they’ve been keeping it on top of the microwave, pushed way to the back to avoid a similar fate. 

That was a largely successful workaround until someone slipped up last week and left it on the counter by mistake. Needless to say, Strudwick didn’t miss the chance to enjoy his favorite snack – and, as you can see from the remnants above, the casualty was yet another butter dish.

Strud also ate Yardley’s oatmeal, but Megyn joked that it was her daughter’s “fault” because she had the nerve to… well… put her bowl down for a moment.

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