The Strudwick File: Naan Too Good, Part II

Megyn and her family returned from South Dakota on Sunday after a long day of travel and Strud wasted no time welcoming them home. We’ll let Megyn tell you what happened:

The dogs had been staying with their dog walker and were happy to see us. It was late and we didn’t feel like cooking, but with three kids you have no choice. We decided on chicken tikka masala, which – as you know from reading The Strudwick File – is one of the only things we know how to make. Doug ran to the store to get some naan bread and croutons for the salad. I went downstairs to work out.

When I came back up to the family room, I heard Thatcher saying, “No, Strud! Bad dog!” In my heart, I already knew what happened. Doug had clearly returned from the store but was no longer in the room – and neither was the naan… or the croutons.

I was on the phone with my mom who LOVES Strudwick naughtiness stories and was very interested to hear how Doug was going to react since his entire mission to the store had been rendered utterly pointless. He opened the door and walked in. I had the phone on speaker. My face must have given it away. 

Doug: “What?”

Me: “Did you happen to leave the naan and croutons on the counter?”

Then came an expletive that my mom doesn’t like from me but seemed to find rather amusing coming from Doug. “ALL OF IT?!?” he asked. “All of it,” I replied.

And here are the remnants to prove it: 

At least Thatcher reminded me to take pictures for your enjoyment.

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