The Story Behind Megyn’s ‘Make Women Female Again’ Hat That Broke the Internet

Megyn spent the weekend in Miami, FL, to celebrate her friend Yael Denbo’s birthday. On Saturday, she posted a picture of herself by the pool with another friend, Joelle Cosentino (you might remember Cosentino and Denbo from when they joined Megyn for episode 494 of The Megyn Kelly Show in Las Vegas), on Instagram wearing a red MAGA-inspired hat that said ‘Make Women Female Again.’

It didn’t take long for the hat, which is from Kellie-Jay Keen’s (a.k.a. Posie Parker) Adult Human Female collection, to spark a firestorm in the comments section and across the internet. On Monday’s show, Megyn shared why chose to wear the hat and what the fight for women’s rights means to her.

The Significance of the ‘Make Women Female Again’ Hat

As Megyn explained, she ordered the hat (and some other yet-to-be-debuted merch) from Keen’s website after she appeared on episode 529 last month. And it seems like she wasn’t the only one who appreciated the sentiment of the cap. “It’s awesome,” she shared. “Everyone went nuts for this hat.”

Megyn made the conscious decision to wear the hat in Miami because she feels now is the time to stand up and speak out – regardless of what the trolls on social media and traditional media might say. In her estimation, 90 percent of the feedback on Instagram and Twitter was from “lovers,” while 10 percent came from “deep haters.” You wouldn’t necessarily know that, however, from the press coverage.

Mediatite wrote a piece summarizing the social media feedback about Megyn’s hat and pointed out that “there were many negative responses” on the various posts. Some were misogynistic, others brought up past controversies, but Megyn said all of them – and the Mediaite story – highlight the state of society today. “People in the media need to tear you down,” Megyn shared. “Go ahead and attack me; call me whatever you want; I don’t care.”

Why She Wore and Posted About the Hat

Megyn said the main reason she wore the hat is because she is “fed up” with trans activism infiltrating women’s spaces and rights. “I’m sick of all the bullsh–t,” she declared. “I’m sick of denying women’s rights in the name of sparing people’s feelings.” This extends to “women’s bathrooms, and women’s lockers, and women’s swimming lanes, and sports, and places that are supposed to belong to women,” she continued. The reason: “Trans women are not women,” she said. “They’re men.”

While Megyn expressed empathy for the “difficult situation that the people who genuinely suffer from gender dysphoria are going through,” that does not include “glommers like Dylan Mulvaney” who she believes is looking for attention in that category. “No, zero empathy for somebody like that,” she explained. “I care about women, I care about girls, I care about their feelings – that’s who I’m fighting for.”

As such, “I’m going to wear the hat,” Megyn reiterated.

Standing Up for Women’s Rights

Ultimately, the hat is one small part of a much larger message and movement. The point is: Say it loud; say it proud,” Megyn said. “You might think that you’re in the minority, but you’re not – especially on this issue.” Megyn said the reality is simple: “Women are still women… we’re the only ones who are female.” And that understanding “crosses party lines,” she added.

For those who might be afraid about the repercussions of speaking out about this topic, Megyn said to “do it” anyway. “We are going to speak out no matter [if] you call us ‘transphobe’ [or] bring up things that allegedly make us look bad,” she concluded. “I’m not afraid of you, and millions of people feel exactly the same way I do.”

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