The Strudwick File: Breaking and Entering

Last weekend, we took the whole fam – including the dogs – to visit Doug’s mom, Jackie. Yardley was attending a bat mitzvah in Philadelphia, so we made it into a family trip. We realized bringing Strudwick anywhere outside of his native environment was risky, but we know Jackie has a big mud room with a door and figured he could stay in there safely when not on the leash with us. 

He was doing great – that is, until Doug decided to take the dogs into the backyard off-leash to play fetch. Strud loves fetch and is normally very good at returning the ball. This time, however, Strud took off just as Doug was bringing him and Thunder back in. “Honey,” he yelled, “GRAB THUNDER!” I took hold of our compliant, rule-following dog after she came right over to me. Strud and Doug, meanwhile, bolted like a couple of cartoon characters, leaving a trail of swirling dust behind them.

Here Strud was en route to Philadelphia, telegraphing that he was not going to stay where he was supposed to.

Back inside the house, the kids, Jackie, Thunder, and I waited. About 10 minutes went by and I asked, “Is anyone else a little worried we haven’t seen Doug?” The kids: “Oh yeah, where is he?” Jackie raised an eyebrow. Another 10 minutes or so passed and, finally, I heard footsteps… and pawsteps. They were home. 

Me: What happened?

Doug: I found him in someone’s home!

Me: IN someone’s home?

Doug: Running around their living room chasing their dog!

Strud had apparently found a house around the corner with an open patio door and ran right in to discover – score! – a Boxer puppy who was excited for his new red dog friend. The neighbor came down upon hearing Doug trying to get Strudwick out of there. She was very nice about the chaos in her living room (not to mention the breaking and entering), and Doug eventually got Strud outside. 

As always, Strud made sure things on our trip weren’t boring. Or easy. Or stress-free. Or compliant with the law – criminal and civil.

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