The Strudwick File: Another Banner Week for Strud

Megyn has a jam-packed Strudwick update – that includes a cameo from his sister Thunder – for you this week, so settle in: 

1. Strud got out of the kitchen/family room area AGAIN (it’s hard to make sure the doors are always closed when you have three kids and their friends are constantly over). He was out for just two minutes, yet he managed to pee on the stairs and in our bedroom.

2. Good news: We think we have solved Strud’s GI problem! He has a parasite. We learned this by taking some of his excrement into the vet (oh joy) and having it tested. He is now on meds. LET THE HEALING BEGIN! Bad news: A dog gets this particular parasite by eating other dogs’ poop (ick), and it is also contagious. Now Thunder has diarrhea.

3. Some of our kids’ friends slept over on Friday night, so I bought a bunch of donuts for everyone on Saturday morning. There were some leftovers, which I placed nice and high up on top of the microwave in their box so Strud could not get them. Silly, naive me. We left him alone in the kitchen, and he was the happy consumer of not one, not two, but – count ‘em – seven donuts. Forget my exasperation, my kids were IRATE!

4. Oh yeah, Strud also tore into the new flavored water filters that arrived for our son’s water bottle. 

All in all, another banner week for Strud!

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