The Strudwick File: Naan Too Good, Strud!

Last night, I whipped up a little chicken tikka masala, which is the easiest meal you’ll ever make. In a pan, sear diced chicken in olive oil, add store-bought tikka masala sauce, put store-bought naan in the oven for two minutes, and you’re done (you can also add rice). All five of us love this dish – and apparently we are not alone. 

We ate in the kitchen, so the dogs were roaming. Strudwick sauntered right by Thatcher’s bread plate and BOOM! The naan was gone! That stinker grabbed it with his mouth right off of Thatcher’s plate and gobbled up half of it in an instant! Rude! Doug grabbed him and got some of it away, but, clearly, Thatcher could not eat it. 

Now, Thatcher loves his naan – like *really* loves it – and was quite upset about this indignity until I told him we had another piece. Strud didn’t seem too sorry because, while I put him in his crate as we finished our meal, he went right back to the table and resumed his aggressive sniffing as soon as I let him out. These pics show the post-attack naan, the empty bread plate, and Thatcher reenacting his distress at the theft of his precious bread. 

On the bright side, I have a positive Gas Gate update for you. Strud’s terrible gas problem was not an issue on the flight home from Montana. In fact, it seems to have resolved since we left the mountains. One of our readers suggested it might have been something called H.A.G.S. (a.k.a. high-altitude gas syndrome), and it turns out she may be onto something. Hello, Connecticut (at sea level)!

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