Megyn Shares a Special Tradition Her Kids Have on Christmas Morning

Rodion Kutsaiev/Unsplash

Hi, everyone!

Are you getting excited for this weekend? I am! Doug and I are lucky enough to have young kids, and it really does make Christmas extra fun. A couple of years ago Thatcher, our youngest, only wanted one thing: Jack Jack from The Incredibles. He tore open every present with palpable anticipation, and it was both slightly amusing and heartbreaking to see his crestfallen face as he realized ‘not it.’ As he grew more dejected and the present stash dwindled, he grew quiet, moved a little slower.

That’s when he saw it – there, under the tree, hidden by the tree skirt, wrapped in Santa Claus paper. He took the few steps necessary to reach it, took it in hand gently, and tore a tiny piece of the wrapping paper open as delicately as Charlie Bucket with that final Wonka bar outside of the candy store. There it was – a little ‘Incredible’ doll staring back at him and, in a barely audible whisper, you could hear him say, “Jack Jack” while smiling from ear to ear.

Those are the moments that fill your heart with joy as a parent, right? Hopefully the kids understand what Christmas is *actually* about too, and we do our best to remind them the magic of this day comes from the birth of Jesus, that the true gift is eternal life – but, when they’re on the younger side, you just have to hope that they get it.

On that front, our kids told us this week that they have a tradition on Christmas morning we didn’t know about: They wake up and, before they come to get us (they know we are supposed to walk out to the tree together), they hold hands and say the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary together. This is a huge win! Doug and I had no clue they were doing this and, to be honest, while we go to mass on Sunday and the kids have done religious ed, we are not particularly religious. So, this revelation makes me feel like we didn’t totally fall down on the job. Now I just have to figure out how to get this on video.

I’ve also been thinking about all of you and your holiday. I hope you are feeling excited about this weekend, but I also know this time of year can amplify one’s loneliness and, in some cases, hopelessness. To those going through this, please remember that I and so many of our audience members are praying for you. I feel like we have a little community around The Megyn Kelly Show and I know the goodwill that circulates amongst the audience members is real. The New Year is just around the corner and opportunities to reinvent one’s self and begin anew are days away. More on that next week.

In the meantime, thank you all for giving me the wonderful gift this year of your support with our show and this fun American News Minute. I thank God every day for you, for this opportunity, and for the honor of your trust when it comes to news and information. 

Merry Christmas and God bless. 

– Megyn