‘The Time Is Now’: Why Two Former Miss California Are Standing Up for Women’s Rights

Former Miss California USAs Carrie Prejean Boller (2009) and Britt Mayer (2005) have never shied away from controversy (case in point: Prejean Boller’s answer to a question about same-sex marriage during the Q&A portion of the 2009 Miss USA event). With their pageant days behind them, the two now find themselves fighting for women’s rights in their home state of California and across the country.

The outspoken mothers and activists have made their voices heard at local school board and community meetings in response to so-called ‘family friendly drag show events’ and they have taken issue with how they believe ‘womanhood’ is being infringed upon by transgender influencers like Dylan Mulvaney.

On Friday’s show, Prejean Boller and Mayer joined Megyn to discuss their mission and offer a powerful plea for why now is the time to stand up for women’s rights.

[Editor’s Note: You can learn more about Megyn’s position on preferred pronouns here.]

Co-Opting Girlhood

A theme that has emerged among trans influencers and activists like Mulvaney is an emphasis on ‘girlhood.’ The former actor is a biological male who started gaining notoriety in March 2021 by documenting his transition on social media in a series called ‘Days of Girlhood.’ With some 10 million followers on TikTok alone, Mulvaney parlayed the success into trips to the White House and partnerships with brands like Ulta Beauty.

Just this week, Mulvaney was at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a presidential forum on transgender rights. During the event with President Joe Biden, Mulvaney said, “Mr. President, this is my 221st day of publicly transitioning,” to which Biden responded, “God love you.” The discussion went on to cover gender affirming healthcare and how leaders can more effectively advocate for trans people.

In the ‘Days of Girlhood’ posts, Mulvaney has touched on topics like ‘normalizing the bulge’ for male to female transitioners. “Dylan had a post not long ago talking about how what we really need to do is… embrace the bulge.” Megyn said, “In other words, it should be normal for you to see somebody who looks like that in a super tight swimsuit with a penis sticking out, and Dylan shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable as Dylan gets stared at by people.”

Prejean Boller pointed out that the attention Mulvaney is receiving is hard to ignore. “I think that every minute he gets airtime is just disgusting,” she said. “It’s an insult to all women.” She took particular issue with Ulta. Earlier this month, Mulvaney was a guest on the retailer’s The Beauty Of… podcast hosted by gender-fluid hairdresser David Lopez.

The episode was said to focus on “all things girlhood,” which Megyn found confusing in and of itself. “The point is no one there had a girlhood,” she noted. “And these people who want to pretend that they did, that they understand what it’s like to be a woman or what it’s like to have been a girl because they dress like us for two minutes are delusional.”

Ulta received backlash for the program but doubled down on the choice. “Shame on Ulta for having two men discuss what girlhood is and womanhood is and motherhood is,” Prejean Boller said. “They have no idea… and every woman in America should be outraged about this.”

What’s Being Lost About Womanhood

Megyn pointed out the ridiculousness of biological males like Mulvaney and Lopez discussing ‘girlhood’ since they have never gone through the process of growing up as a biological woman. “Think about your girlhood… think about when your breasts developed, when we first got your period… when you first had to swim in the middle school pool when you had your new period,” she said. “That’s just the anatomy stuff – never mind the emotional stuff that comes with it.” Mulvaney, former University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, and the like “never had any of that,” she added. “They don’t know what it means to be a woman.”

Standing Up for Women

Prejean Boller and Mayer founded The Battle Cry to expand their reach and ability to stand up against gender ideology – especially when it impacts young children and women. Mayer shared that both she and Prejean Boller have endured constant name calling for their work, but they remain undeterred. “Call me what you want to call me – I don’t care because the world’s falling apart and my daughter is going to be affected,” she said. 

They recognize that they have a platform that allows them to speak out and effect change, and they do not take that responsibility lightly. “Britt and I really want to give people hope,” Prejean Boller concluded. “We are fighting this [in CA] and I want to give people that are listening encouragement to stand up because the time is now… now’s the time to double down, stand up, fight back, go to the frontlines, and really push back against this agenda.”

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