Megyn Reflects on Two Years of ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’

Hi, guys!

First, I am so glad you are here. There are many websites on which you can spend your time, and I promise not to become one of those annoying sites that take up too much of your time. I just wanted a better way for us to communicate than the Apple comments section.

This was a big week for our show and for my family, too. We celebrated the two-year anniversary of launching The Megyn Kelly Show, and we celebrated our son Yates becoming a teenager. He turned 13 on Sunday, which is nearly impossible to believe.

A quick story… we put up big poster board signs for the kids’ birthdays. It started during COVID, when our daughter’s birthday hit in April 2020, and there were almost no stores open, no chance of a party, etc. We were in Montana, so I went to the only open store – Ace Hardware (I love Ace Hardware!) – and got some poster boards and markers and we decorated the house with signs. Now we do it for each child on all birthdays. This year, Yardley (11) and Thatcher (9) made signs for Yates. And Thatcher’s? Well, it needs to be seen to be believed:

“Your time has come to get ‘dem ladies”?! “Thirteen is flirteen”?! What on earth is happening? We all had a good laugh at that little bit of gold. We needed to laugh, too, because I was feeling kind of blue on Yates’s birthday this year. Thirteen. Seventh grade. Only six years left in our house. They always tell you as a parent: savor it, it goes by so quickly. But savoring it doesn’t slow things down. Maybe it will make us feel better later, but, eventually, he will grow up and move out (spoiler: that’s how this ends).

I do have two comforts in this struggle, however, and I thought I would share them:

  1. I am thankful that I dialed it back professionally a few years ago and made myself more present in my kids’ lives. I was missing too much of it at Fox.
  2. I am thankful that I have an active profession which I enjoy and believe will help when the kids eventually leave. It’s a reminder to nurture one’s self and one’s partner despite the many demands of parenthood. You still matter. Your marriage still matters.

I know the things that keep us busy while the kids are at school are going to be what makes life exciting, happy, and fulfilling 10 years from now. If you are a parent who has checked your professional ambitions to raise your kids but they’re getting older, there’s no time like the present to start up a hobby or part-time job or something that you look forward to for yourself.

And if you are a working parent and missing too much of it, it’s not too late to course correct. As Mother Teresa said, “if you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” So, nurture yourself on both fronts now… today. And if you happen to find yourself a little lonely in the process, fellas, remember: “your time has come to get ‘dem ladies!”

– Megyn